Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey ‎– "Reprint" (Snatch Tapes ‎– tch 220) 1980

As much as we wish this DIY Avant-Industrial classic was by two young ladies called Susan and Claire; I hate to reveal the open secret that this was indeed by Mr. Snatch Tapes and Storm Bugs member, Philip Sanderson.
These were the two fictitious ladies we wish had joined the Human League instead of said group becoming the cast of 'Rita Sue and Bob too.... 2'.......but ,No! It was a clever attempt to disguise a solo project, and distance oneself from the 'cult' of personality that inevitably accompanies an artist stepping out of the shadows of pop mythology.
I mean just look at whats happened to The Residents? Everyone knows who they are, and were, in these sad ol' days.Even famed wall-scrawler 'Banksy' has been outed as a posh ex-public school boy called Robin Gunningham...nick name 'Robin Banks'(Geddit?); and most definitely NOT that boring bloke from Massive Attack.The 'real' facts are far less romantic than the myths.
Its become increasingly hard to do this in the modern information/disinformation age. So maybe new tactics are needed? Utilising the evil,and real wrecker of civilisation, Facebook(s) talent for 'Fake News' and 'Alternative Facts'. Which possibly means that this tape really IS by Claire Thomas and Susan Vezey.....no-one knows the real 'Truth' about anything anymore! 


A Reprint 1 (12:18)
B Reprint 2 (11:50)

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armeur H said...

what a surprise ! thank you a lot !