Saturday, 2 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "The Plane Of The Inner-Between" (WMT ‎– WORK 015) 1981

Does he mean 'Plain' or 'Plane'?
Anyway, Paul Kelday had been farting around with his electronic devices, literally making 'Farting' noises, since around 1974. So this gives him the right to be the 'Daddy' of the DIY UK Electronic Underground. The Grandaddy being 'Trevor Wishart' of course.
This is as far away from 'The Berlin School' sound one could possibly wish for, and has more in common with the abstract electronics of Asmus Tietchens, and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop than Edgar Froese.
Lots of funny electronic noises,tape loops,found sounds and echo effects, rather than repetitive hypnotic melody lines, were the order of the day for Paul.Either because he was incapable of playing a synth's keyboard,if he had one, or it was a conscious decision. Either way this would make a good soundtrack for a 'Forbidden Planet' remake.


A1 The Plane Of The Inner-Between
B1 Black Stream
B2 N.C.C. - 1701
B3 Event Horizon


Mrs. Inside said...

AMAZING! Thank you!

armeur H said...

thank you a lot. can I promote my own kelday's link ? (odznsdoz, 1992)

Ought said...

Loving these posts lately, really appreciate the uploads. I was wondering do you have anything by Paul Nagle, particularly, "The Citadel"?

NXP said...

Love a lot of Paul Keelday, but does anybody know why he stopped and dissapeard in the late 80´s?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Paul Nagle posts here:

Vaykorus said...


Steve said...

I received a letter from PK about '85 or so. He stated emphatically that he had completely stopped recording due to depression. I've always wondered what happened to him since. Absolutely LOVE all his works!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks for that sad info on PK.Depression kills creativity stone dead.

Barry Lamb said...

Used to correspond with Paul a lot. We distributed his cassettes from 1981-85. Cassette culture birthed a lot of truly great artists