Thursday, 7 December 2017

Various ‎– "Flowmotion(An Album of Contemporary Electronic Music)" (ICR ‎– ICR 003) 1982

Well, as this compilation is over 35 years old, it can no longer claim to be an album of Contemporary anything, but it does have some electronic music on it ,by some of the bigger names of the UK's electronic underground of the early eighties. And I note that none of this lot have yet to retire.
A few of these tracks one would hesitate at calling them strictly 'Electronic'.Experimental pop with incidental electronics is good enough for Eyeless In Gaza,and Those Little Aliens hark back to the time when magnetic Tape manipulation was called 'Electronic' Music.I suppose anything made with machines that one plugs into the mains is technically 'Electronic' so there you are!?


A1 –Chris & Cosey-Devil God
A2 –Those Little Aliens-Ismalia
A3 –Eyeless In Gaza-Dusky Ruth
A4 –Eyeless In Gaza-Through Eastfields
A5 –David Jackman-Do The Dog
A6 –Ian Boddy-Follow
A7 –The Legendary Pink Dots-Hanging Gardens
B1 –Ian Boddy-Skylights
B2 –Paul Nagle-A Journey In The Dark
B3 –Carl Matthews-As Above, So Below
B4 –Colin Potter-Rooftops


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ted mills said...

Thank you for picking up the baton from Mutant Sounds. I don't know where this new batch of ICR cassettes is coming for, but yr doing the good lord Cthulu's work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this
And for your blog❗️

Jonny Zchivago said...

A compliment indeed Ted....i'm not mentioned at the top of Mutant Sounds blogroll as "Excellent Fellow Blogger" for nothing y'know......i'm not as wide ranging in music styles as the MS crew however.They were/are still the most influential music blog.

Gordon Hope said...

Amazing to get a download as I don't have a digital copy only the L.P. This was my first vinyl release and I also went on to create the " a-mission " label with some unusual music that I'm very proud of,

Jonny Zchivago said...

Good to be of service....all the Flowmotion stuff was rather splendid.