Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Cortinas ‎– "For Fucks Sake Plymouth (Live in Plymouth 1977)"

Ridiculous title aside, this is an electrified performance captured in the amphetamine charged atmosphere of 1977. This was very relevant for the year of Punk Rock, not 1976, which was the year of the Punk Rock  clique, a club basically which YOU weren't a member of; this all changed in '77 when it became inclusive.Then 1978 it became too inclusive,and the Punks/Chav's destroyed it,and they're still there today, bedecked in studded leather, jeans, boots and that fucking tired Travis Bickle inspired mohawk.Duh!
Thankfully, real Punk ideals split off into what we now call,rather unimaginatively, 'Post-Punk'; back then it was just ALL Punk to us retrospect it definitely wasn't Punk Rock....that was crap like the UK Subs, Vice Squad, and the laughably moronic Exploited.
Anyway, enough of this boring 'Punk' analysis. Here we have some proper Punk Rock, with The Cortinas at their peak in the golden year of '77, with several unrecorded songs, on what would have made a fine debut LP. They missed the boat, like a lot of other groups from that era.


1 Defiant Pose
2 Tired Of Compromise
3 They
4 We're Gonna Play In The Subway Today
5 Further Education
6 Fascist Dictator
7 Tokyo Joe
8 Gloria
9 Gonna Get Mary In The Bus Shelter
10 Have It With You
11 Television Families
12 Have It With You
13 Slow down

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