Saturday, 15 July 2017

Crispy Ambulance ‎– "Open, Gates Of Fire" (Les Temps Modernes CSBT V: III) 1983

Mail order only cassette of live Crispy Ambulance; although where the audience actually was on this tape I dunno.It sounds like they are playing to an empty room,which they probably were.
Its good to hear these songs without any production,or effects, like they're playing inside a large cardboard box. Hempsall seems to be responding to an audience, but they don't register in the recording process at all; lost in the noise reduction-less tape hiss.
I have no information as to where or when these tunes were actually recorded,but i'm guessing around 1982-ish.


1. United, 
2. Chill,
3. I Talking/You Talking (Parts 1 + 2),
4. Federation, 
5. Travel Time, 
6. Say Shake, 
7. Cult,
8. Green Light/White Shirt, 
9. Brutal,
10. The Plateau Phase, 
11. Choral,
12. Nightfall Ends The Ceasefire, 

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