Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Mud Hutters ‎– "The Declaration EP" (Defensive Records ‎– N.A.T.O. TWO) 1979

A declaration of independance that hasn't become as Ironic as its more celebrated political cousin in the new world.....(Notice I ignored the opportunity to make a NWO pun,mainly because I no longer recognise its existence outside the fantasies of the paranoid masses).
Basically any group which has a lead singer with a speech impediment and a future Diagram brother in it has to be good?......I can confirm that they are very good by the way!Perfect,art damaged lo-fi post-punk from manchester in 1979....can't get better than that combination of wow factors?!
In fact there's more Mud Hutters on the "Four Ways Out" compilation, also on their own Defensive Records label.


Bouncy Side:

A1 Water Torture
A2 Chances
A3 Stabbings

Hot Side:

B1 Fragments
B2 Danger
B3 It Doesn't Seem To Help Now

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