Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fripp & Eno ‎– "Live In Paris 28.05.1975"

Everyone's had an Eno collaboration haven't they?....except me!
The suffix,"...and Eno", has appeared many times ,stuck on the end of another experimental, or otherwise, musicians family name. Another common appearance of Eno's own family name , was as producer; where he committed his worst faux-pas's as the man behind the desk of some of U2's most offensive work. I guess that the money was good at least.
In contrast, some of "...& Eno's" greatest work was done with Mr Toyah Wilcox himself, Bobby Fripp. Sharing the oxygen with our Brian's manipulated tape-loop, electronics and delay mechanisms providing an ethereal ambient backing for Fripps heavily sustained guitar accompaniment.
Nowadays, we all have a little electronic box to do all this looping malarkey,so it's nothing special for granny and grandad to put together an experimental ambient album in their lunchtime; but back then, one had to use two chunky reel to reel tape recorders and yards of analogue tape streaming back and forth, a razor blade and some splicing tape. A bit cumbersome but quite effective.
Here we have three cd's documenting the duo's performance in Paris during the technically malfunctioning tour of 1975.Problems with the equipment beset our hero's frequently during this short trek around europe,including cancelled concerts, audience booing and walkouts,and general difficulty for the public to accept this as music. Nowadays this kind of set-up is normal, and goes to prove that if the public 'Boo' your work you are probably doing something right.....Fripp and Eno certainly were doing something very right.
One concert when it all went very very right,even if the audience didn't know it at the time, was on the 28th of may 1975 in Paris. Luckily this superb couple of hours of pure innovation was captured on tape and bootlegged. Here's the 'official' 3 CD bootleg version, complete with some of the backing loops faithfully recreated for you to do your own accompaniment to, and play at being Fripp and Eno for an evening.


1-1 Water On Water 10:46
1-2 A Radical Representative Of Pinsnip 9:39
1-3 Swastika Girls 7:44
1-4 Wind On Wind 2:00
1-5 Announcement 1:13
2-1 Wind On Water 9:44
2-2 A Near Find In Rip Pop 7:21
2-3 A Fearful Proper Din 4:12
2-4 A Darn Psi Inferno 4:59
2-5 Evening Star 5:59
2-6 An Iron Frappe 10:33
2-7 Softy Gun Poison 12:31
2-8 An Index Of Metals 7:20
3-1 Test Loop I 4:07
3-2 Test Loop II 0:47
3-3 Loop Only: A Radical Representative Of Pinsnip 10:39
3-4 Loop Only: Wind On Water 9:53
3-5 Loop Only: A Darn Psi Inferno 5:40
3-6 Loop Only: Softy Gun Poison 14:45
Bonus Tracks
3-7 Loop Only: Wind On Water Reversed 9:50
3-8 Later On (Single B Side) 4:56


rev.b said...

Mr Torah Wilcox..... I feel certain he'd agree! When the crowd boos and walks out, I know I'm in the right, probably historic place. 'Outta the way wanker, make room for people willing to try.' Thanks once again.

Chris Sessions said...

This looks amazing! Looking forward to it, and also of course to Mr. Eno's collaboration with you good sir!

it said...

It seems there is a bootleg circulation of the London Palladium concert on June 8, 1975 too [i. e. "London 1975" & "Live London Palladium 1975"]. It would be nice to hear them here... isn't it?

A-Mfan said...

Thank you for sharing this oddity. Right up my alley.

Gero said...

Thanks for this! Are we able to go a few years before Eno and hear Esa Kotilainen's Ajatuslapsi here?