Friday, 7 July 2017

The Mud Hutters ‎– "Information EP" (Defensive Records ‎– N.A.T.O. ONE) 1979

As well as The Diagram Brothers, and Dislocation Dance, Andy Diagram was in The Mud Hutters; a lo-fi prog-punk combo who could obviously play their instruments.That's right, a post punk group that included musicians!? Especially impressed by the jazz rock drumming of 'Muddy Dick' (Who I assume was Richard Harrison? Who played with such liminaries as God Is My Co-Pilot,Sterolab,and of course, Dislocation Dance, among many others)
This 33rpm 7" EP, fitted in nicely with the DIY look;the hand printed sleeve,appropriately  muddy sound, standard junior typewriter typeface, and a bunch of unpretentious choons.
"No God" has a disposable John Barry-esque melody line that would not have gone unplaced on an early Dislocation dance record.


A1 No God
A2 Nice Guy/Left Right
B1 All About
B2 Neolithic Dub


Michael said...

Not only was the music good but they didn't mince their words when it came to band names.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I have to say, this quality of music was not what i had expected when i saw the name 'Mud Hutters'.

Mark L. said...

Hoping to see a post for their "Factory Farming" LP (which is the only vinyl I never got and lost my rip in a drive crash several years back). Cheers, M.

Jonny Zchivago said...

And so you shall young man, so you shall. Freshly ripped in gorgeous 320k.