Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Mud Hutters ‎– "Factory Farming" (Defensive Records ‎– NATO 3) 1980

" A Small car dwiven at high speed phwoo a cwowded stweet"???? This is worth it just for forcing the singer to sing that line when he has a pronounced lisp. Up there with Toyah's "It'th a mythdery" as the one of the most inadviseable adventures into verbal gymnastics in pop history. Awwww bless?
Check out the lovely Toyah sending herself up on legendary UK 'kids' saturday morning show "Tiswas" back in '81, singing "I'm A Misery", and getting pied by 'The Phantom Flan Flinger' here,it's great stuff.

Oh yes,nearly forgot...., The Mud Hutters were superb post-punky proggy classic UK DIY(but with obvious musicianly talents,especially the drummer), and use the same cheapo organ that all those Manchester bands had at that time,like The Fall and The Spherical Objects; probably the actual same organ that they shared about to save the cash they didn't have.


A1 Taking The Biscuit
A2 I Can Be
A3 Small Car
A4 Feels Right
A5 Page 39
A6 Bowl Of Cherries
B1 MPC With Me
B2 Coloured Glass
B3 On The Beach
B4 Cultivation
B5 Page 41
B6 Rearranging