Thursday, 13 July 2017

Crispy Ambulance ‎– "The Blue And Yellow Of The Yacht Club" (CSBT V.II) 1983

Another Danny and the Dressmakers member went on to be in, so-called 'Joy Division copyists', the wonderfully monikered, Crispy Ambulance.
None other than thee Alan Hempsall, who famously, had to fill in for Ian Curtis at a gig while he had a Epileptic Fit. According to the Joy Div biopic, he was offered twenty quid by Rob Gratton, and when he asked for his twenty notes came the classic reply of "Oh sure, here it is,it's in my FUCK OFF pocket!"
Of Course, Crispy Ambulance sounded nothing like Joy Division.Whoever made that comparison must have never heard or seen either band.
Personally I'm a Crispy Ambulance Fan, especially of this Non-Hannett lo-fi stuff.Although Chris Nagle's version of Martin's over-production of the bands Official album, 'The Plateau Phase',actually worked quite well.In some ways darker than 'Closer'?
This cassette-only compilation, bungs together their only Peel Session,with other fuzzy live stuff, stumbling interviews, and other radio sessions.Post-punk miserablism at its finest.

Tracks A7 to A10 recorded for Picadilly Radio at Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 16/7/80. 
Tracks B6 to B8 recorded for BBC Radio 1 John Peel Session at Langham 1 12/1/81. 
Track B13 recorded at first ever Crispy Ambulance gig at Spurley Hey Youth Centre in 1978. 


A1 Motorway Boys
A2 Suzie's In Fragments (Live)
A3 This Perfect Day
A4 No Surrender
A5 Interview (Radio 17/3/81)
A6 Opening Theme
A7 The Presence
A8 A Sense Of Reason
A9 Concorde Square
A10 The Eastern Bloc
B1 3 Minutes From The Frontline (Live)
B2 From The Cradle To The Grave (Live)
B3 Interview (Radio 17/3/81)
B4 Deaf (Live)
B5 New Violence
B6 Come On
B7 October 31st
B8 Egypt
B9 Interview (Radio 17/3/81)
B10 Rain Without Clouds (Live)
B11 The Presence
B12 Feedback Phase
B13 Drug User/Drug Pusher (Detail)


Bence said...

I've always been a fan of Crispy Ambulance too. When diving in Factory Records as a teen they stood out to me most together with Section 25. Underrated til this day. Will play The plateau phase right now! Thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, Section 25's "the Key Of Dreams" is particularly wonderful.Of all the Factory Bands, they probably were the most musically inept(ability to play an instrument wise); which is saying something when Joy Division were on the same label.

Anonymous said...

Well, you WOULD be the expert on ineptness, wouldn't you?

"Gratton". Fuck, you're a tool...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well spotted, I am indeed an expert on 'Ineptness'.
something that few people notice.
I award you a brown star for being...well...just a nice person really.
I'm welling up now.

Anonymous said...

This track listing isn't correct. Where are the interviews? Also, Eastern Bloc is missing.