Thursday, 25 May 2023

Peter Sotos – "Buyer's Market" (AWB Recording – AWB 016) 1992

Hmmmm,Rolf Harris died I thought....this....?!
Perhaps the only album on this blog that has been made by a person convicted for the possession of child pornography....(no.not Steve Albini!!!!). The Putrid Voyeurism collected on this brutal compilation of  victims accounts of sexual violence, would be explained away as a grim portrait of the Human capacity for ...for want of a better word...Evil?.....were it not made by a geezer who blatantly gets off on stuff like this. No-one called the Moors Murderers 'Artists' did they. And i'm sure Sotos would go to any lengths to get his grubby little hands on the Lesley Anne Downey tape made by Brady and Hindley back in the day,an obvious  obsession of his, as Lesley appears on the front cover of this CD,and even appears as the main subject in one of his books, "Selfish,Little...".
As aural Pornography goes, this is a far less subtle,but equally disturbing,honest, version of "Come on Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, and other similar Aural sex Pop Vehicles for corporate satanic abuse rings.
When I first heard this collage ,I inexplicably played it straight through,and disturbingly felt precisely nothing, except a modicum of boredom. Was I a Monster, Am I a Monster?
Repeating this process some 30 years later, I got quite effortlessly upset at several points in this thoroughly unwholesome experience.........the boredom was still there,but It seems I am no longer a monster? Why is this? Is it that we are protected from truths such as these in this modern age,or are we more emotionally empathetic ......very trendy.Or am I depressed enough to allow the real effect of this exploration into the darker side of human nature penetrate,what i previously thought, was my desensitized black heart.
During the height of Grunge, Nirvana's producer somehow thought it was a jolly good idea to edit Soto's tapes into the collage we pretend not to know and love today. Our Steven would have had to play and listen to these harrowing accounts hundreds of times before his job was finished;then the poor sod had to go and produce Nirvana after this?Including the tasteless "Rape Me" tune........recorded(not produced) by the four-eyed grunge psychopath himself? Albini was in a band called Rapeman after all I suppose?
What Sotos, the Artist,not the Perv, examines here is the Culture of the Victim– how family members left behind are manipulated by the media, and ultimately, how their identity is redefined in the process.
Perhaps one of the starkest documents, assembled for maximum impact, accounting the darkest side of human nature on the booming industrial culture 'Buyers Market'.I feel in unclean rather than 'Got the 'orn!?' in the Derek and Clive sense.Although i rather suspect Peter Sotos likely got 'The 'Orn',and knocked one,if not several out frequently during the process of acquiring the recordings for this dubious piece of 'Art'. 
Alas,be it far more offensive and disturbing than anything any of those snowflake Death Metal/Grindcore bands could ever possibly come up with.They're just playing with it,silly boys.Which is in fact worse than Britney Spears and her awful daddy.
If you're not moved by this profoundly disturbing record in any way,except,of course, turned on sexually (turn yourself into the nearest police station if this is the case), you probably are the fucking monster I no longer am and Fuck you.


1 Children 17:52
2 McMartin 9:03
3 Trash 11:24
4 Bundy 10:04
5 Victims 13:23


northfieldhat said...

After Rolf Harris' convictions, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" doesn't seem innocent at all.

Fanny Blancmange said...

thanks but no thanks.

I suppose this vile-sounding item is supposed to "shock us out of our complacency" ala 'Funny Games', 'Irreversible', Peaches or BBC Verify.

Jonny Zchivago said...

"Sun arise, early in de mornin'"....always ready with his didgeridoo was Rolf.