Thursday 30 March 2023

Jandek – "The Wizards Hour" (Corwood Industries – CORWOOD 0858) 2023

Is it me or is Jandek's output lessening? Only two albums in the first three months of the year so I guess the answer is an emphatic NO! However, most of his recent releases seem to be recorded in  2009...a seemingly very prolific year for the Bard of Corwood.....I wonder if Corwood (Jandek) ever thought about issuing someone other than The Representative himself. If they(he) did,how would we know it wasn't Jandek pretending to be a group or something similar? He has form in that area......The Units,as credited on the debut Jandek,before it was credited to Sterling's alter-ego, after he got threatened by the similarly monikered synth-punk bands the Units.He changed names pronto as soon as legal action was mentioned....lightweight!
The Wizards Hour,dunno if he was refering to himself,benefits from being a recording made for WNYU 89.1 FM and having a strict time limit,so no 6 cd's worth of stuff here.......thank fuck.
A shimmering but scraping yet juddering note-less meander through the ox-bow lakes of The Bardo Pond outtakes bin.
The Rep and uncredited chums make ,what normal people would call a Psych-Drone journey into Outsider Space. That's all well and good,but with tunes like this our favourite Outsider is rapidly becoming an Insider. If you took away his entire pre-2000 lexicon of Outsider-dom,he would be now be filed alongside The aforementioned Bardo Pond, Loop, SkullFlower, and Ascension.Largely due to his unnamed guests I would suggest.It was about the time they appeared that things started to go downhill Outsider-wise. Musically, No-longer an Outside,but maybe, personality-wise,he still retains that threat to Bigots and Fools other worlds not us!?.Sometimes the Emperor needs to look into the mirror,and realise he's wearing new clothes that are no longer invisible. I blame the Internet and that cunt who wrote that book know, the one that inexplicably puts Syd Barratt and Don Van Vliet in the same category as.....coff...Jandek?.......maybe he's right about Syd, but Don? Outsider he most certainly was NOT!


1. The Wizard Awakens 20:44
2. The Wizards' Afternoon 24:51
3. The Wizards' Dream 16:34


Bambi said...

Wot, no Wizards' Sleeve?

FlaccusMUC said...

Thank you, this is good. And yet another Jandek album I liked while listening to it and will probably never listen to again. When I think back to how intrigued I was when I listened to Ready for the House for the first time ... (sounding like grandpa talking about the good old days - this is what Jandek does to me nowadays).

kevinesse said...

I really like this.......i'd call it a return to form, sort of. Plus shittiest title ever!! (honestly I think he has a great sense of humor!) Jandek just keeps giving. Thanks for all these posts. Now that I've had 30 years to absorb him, those early ones don't seem as despairing to me, but more along the lines of typical Texan eccentricty.

RabidRabbit said...

I found this sound to be awesome to be reading creepypasta to..just the right atmosphere :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the guy who has sex with horses?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep, that's him alright.