Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Guerilla Toss – "Young Christian Balls" (Digitalis Limited – Ltd #235) 2012

Guerilla....NOT...Gorilla, Toss. Were/are like an Tribeca version of Melt Banana...but only when they have their Zany Female singer.
Without said singer they turn into some lower Manhattan  abstract progressive jazz group  that could easily attract the ears of arrogant metropolitan elitest John Zorn.
In fact, in 2013 they had an album,with singer, released on Zorn's label;... so that shows what I knoe dunnit~?
Dunno why she (Kassie Karlson) was absent on this one, but she's transforms them into Tribeca version of Melt Banana....and whats wrong with that? If you're an cultural exile from the Ghetto listening to the bourgeois   intelligentsia slap themselves on the back by being way-out there,purely because they could. Then there's quite a lot that would annoy you on this cassette.
As for me/moi, i'm bourgeois intelligentsia from the Ghetto myself , and they,the under-clas can fuck themselves.If they could have beat me up everyday as I listened to to arty elitest  nonsense like this, they would have.These fuckers grew up to vote for Brexit and MAGA. Fuck the poor and Fuck the Rich.In their own despicable way they are the same old fucking repression that would love to re-open the labour camps for fools like us.The Intelligentsia and degenerate art is the first target of the pure evil that ejaculates forth from the minds of kids denied opportunities in art simply because they never got the chance. Too stupid to realise they could make their own opportunities....... if only they had someone to blame? 
This comes as I hear that the Russian father of a young girl who drew an anti-war picture in kindergarten,is now on the run escaping an arrest warrant. Putin is a classic example of the bitter psychopath,getting his pathetic revenge on the world that he plans to re-name "Greater Russia" (lol) one day, after their non-existant Satan 2 ICBM's help turn the planet into an survivable irradiated  wasteland......yeah greater Russia indeed.......for want of a better word,even though there aren't many better words in the English Dictionary than......TWAT!

Dag Nabbit! I never got around to talking about some Young Christian's Balls!?...maybe next time huh?


1 Occupy Ratking
2 Young Christian Balls
3 From Bagpipes To Crackpipes
4 You Slept While I Lingered


JColtrane said...

Thank you very much

Richie Muster said...

Jeers, Chonny - erm, i mean cheers, Jonny. Any mention of the mighty Melt-Banana gets my attention.

Borealiscape said...

When Putin was a youngster in the 60s a very popular movie was running the French Fantômas-trilogy with such stars as Jean Marais and Louis de Funes (actually all those few artsy examples which legally came from outside were highly popular in the USSR - in fact, it is the logic of enclosed society that virtually everyone has seen it.). I guess someone got idea from the movie regarding the "bitter psychopath,getting his pathetic revenge on the world".

Jonny Zchivago said...

@Borealiscape....I knew the French would have something to do with it!
I don't think Putin was ever 'young',but I hope that he doesn't get much older so Russia can get someone even worse in the job.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is a really cool record! Thanks for making me discover this excellent group. You don't happen to have one of their records that sound like Melt-Banana? I dig Melt-Banana!
Thanks anyhow,
A froggy

Jonny Zchivago said...

hello monsieur Froggy, every other record they made is a melt banana record,but probably funkier and jazzier.
i will post one of 'em soon.

Friend said...

Thanks a lot, much appreciated! Great blog too...

Vaykorus said...