Friday, 8 December 2017

Those Little Aliens & This Little Alien ‎– "Recordings 1980-1981" (Vinyl-on-demand)

Gordon A. Hope and Ian Dobson, aka 'Those Little Aliens', were also founder of experimental music fanzine 'Flowmotion'; which is probably why LTA were on the Flowmotion compilation on ICR.
Classic cassette bound lo-fi electronica from the UK DIY underground of 80/81.
Talking about Aliens....
As i wrote a rant about thick xenophobia eg Brexit, a few posts ago, I now hear that Brexit is basically OFF, as May crumbles over the Irish border.Now the borders remain open, and Britain gets to pay the EU loads of money for getting no representation in the EU Parliament in return.....what a deal, what a waste of fucking time!!!???...all due to Those Illegal Aliens!
In the meantime we'll listen to something that is absolutely NOT a waste of time.......yes 'Those Little Aliens', what else did you think I was referring to?.....The EU anthem? (Beethoven's Ironic 'Ode to Joy' if you didn't know.


01 Ismalia 3:03
02 Low Point X 2:45
03 Sentimental 1:57
04 Voortrecker 2:06
05 Incident In Moderan 2:26
06 4 To 4 Rumbling 4:55
07 Momente Über Statik 2:04
08 Aarg, Stop It 8:22
09 Metal Time Control 3:28
10 Out Of Sequence 2:42
11 Chattering Aliens 2:12
12 Stepping Backwards 5:23
13 Prarie Drifter 2:12
14 Your World 5:05
15 Dilemma 2:35
16 Debth Of Space 1:47
17 No Noise 4:57

01 from Various - Flowmotion
02 and 03 from Various - We Couldn't Agree On A Title
04 to 07 from Those Little Aliens - Incident In Moderan
08, 15, and 16 from This Little Alien - Synthesizer Specialist
09 to 14 from Those Little Aliens - Variable
17 from Those Little Aliens - York Tape


Anonymous said...


Philip Johnson said...

I've got a couple of tapes Gordon Hope did with P A Wells somewhere. I wonder what P A Wells is doing these days.

Steve D said...

Thanks JZ: Mr. Turntabless thanks you! wanted to buy this but got no TT these days!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I got no TT either, I use my brothers.
Herr VOD likes very much to slag me off any oppourtunity he gets,so its my pleasure to provide free access to his bourgeois packages for the rich.

Gordon Hope said...

From that little alien himself, Hello Earth not doing music anymore but glad my work is out there, apart from the first 3 tracks everything else was recorded in my bedroom,

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Gordon, do you know what P A wells is doing these days, as mentioned above?
Those Little Aliens tapes are rather hard to come by,so i've had to resort to ripping VOD vinyl. It seems quite popular, so it seems that you haven't been forgotten.

Gordon Hope said...

Quite a few trying to find Paul but no luck, we were in Naked Pygmy Voles together " Berlin Horse " is on Soundcloud under Gordon Hope...Quite a noise !!!