Monday, 18 December 2017

The New Blockaders ‎– "Changez Les Blockeurs" (Self-Released) 1982

aNTI-aRT, aNTI- mUSIC nIHIISTS, is a common phrase used to describe The Rupenus brothers, aka The New Blockaders.
Basically they use Noise, as put forward in the "Art Of Noises" manifesto by Luigi Russolo in 1913,as a way of creating Musical and Artist Nihilism whilst at the same time distancing themselves from both genres. By 1982 Noise had already been realised by many artists from AMM to Einsturzende Neubauten.
The New Blockaders took this on as a lifestyle, building an ideology and myth around their attempts to explain away their 'Art'as 'Anti-Art' and their 'Music as 'Anti-Music', when it is all quite obviously 'Art' and 'Music'.They bang on about not performing as a spectacle for an audience, even electricity is not needed,as well as the audience.Its all purely coincidental.An attempt to put the 'Nihil' into both genres they claim to have nothing in common with.
But purely by existing they contradict themselves, even more so when a recorded document is created to prove that they exist and the sounds they created are there to be replayed again and again, if so desired(which is doubtful), then they have created something solid and real; which is basically "Art"!
They eloquently explain their philosophy regularly in detailed rants, which if they were pure Nihilists, as they claim, they would never need, or have anything at all , to explain? Which ultimately makes it all maybe they have achieved their goal after all?.....Christ I feel stupid!


Side 1 (22:34)
Side 2 (22:36)

DOWNLOAD without blockages HERE!


Anonymous said...

As someone who was knocked out by Cage's '4:33" - both the idea of it, and the fact he performed it, I have been following your New Blockaders posts looking for the place to start. So I'll start here. Many thanks.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed Brian, the concept of ambiance and nothing are rather maybe you should try The New Blockaders' 'Blank' cassette,"Epater Les Bourgeois", which is basically two sides of tape hiss:

Caitlyn / CPI said...

THANKS FOR THIS! Great album.
Is this the 1986 Belgium cassette release version? (judging by your photo)
Or a vinyl or cd rip?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep,its the cassette version.