Monday, 22 April 2019

Various Artists ‎– "Down In A Mirror : A Second Tribute To Jandek" (Summersteps Records ‎– SUM0020) 2005

This is the last Jandek Monday,until we receive more New Jandek albums later this year.It being Easter,when J.C. (Jandek of Corwood) returns to his tomb after wandering the earth for 40 years. A fitting place to end our looooong journey into the inner space of Jandeks complete Discography
There are not many artists who receive the honor of being the subject of two 'Tribute' compilations, but ,somehow, Jandek has this dubious entry looming large on his CV. Also I noticed that I have infact posted "Glasgow Sunday 2005" twice, with different reviews attached!!!? else has that equally dubious honor on this blog either!You lucky Jandek you!
This follow-up compilation collects more obscure four four time versions of our hero's time signature-less ditties set forth to tickle your ear lobes.
Yes there's the normal smear of unheard of Indie bands from Oaklahoma,and the odd geezer we've heard of, like Six Organs Of Admittance, and at least one decent take on the Corwood Rep's reportoire......that being someone (Eric of Sebadoh)was brave enough to put music to one of Jandeks spoken word pieces from the beyond great "Worthless Recluse" album.
Of the two Jandek Tributes, i'd say this one is marginally the better of the two......but its better to stick to listening to the man himself in my humble opinion......but not too much as this stuff should carry a government health warning.

DOWNLOAD and take a long look in the mirror HERE!


Anonymous said...

Jonny not quite the full set as there's The Ruins of Adventure; Maze of the Phantom; Hamman Hall; Los Angeles Friday; London Thursday and Austin Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

ps thank you for all the Jandek!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Bollocks!'re right!?
Somehow i have let these albums slip.....easy to get confused with all these similar records. I was sure i did Adventure and Phantom...but no!
Ah well, looks like Jandek Monday is back after a short abscence.