Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Various ‎Artists – "The Corwood Variations - A Jandek Tribute Companion" (Summersteps Handmade ‎– SUM HM 001) 2006

As every fucker and his granny has a 64 track digital recording facility in their bedrooms nowadays;and everyone likes or pretends to have bought "Ready For The House" before everyone elses granny did. It was inevitable that there were going to be far too many volunteers to be included on the two Jandek Tribute albums released in the early noughties.(get 'em Here! and Here!)
This CD is the chaff sorted from the other chaff separated from the few grains of wheat what made up the A-list on the two previous compilations.
The fact that someone called 'McCartney' appears on here should not go unoticed.Apart from that, there's no-one famous enough to be an obscure cult on here.
I promise....NO MORE JANDEK.....well at least until I get the latest few releases.


1 –Cookie Pusher - How Many Places 3:28
2 –The Indicators - Cellar 2:29
3 –Jabon - Simple As That 2:18
4 –McCartney, Moulder & Nyoukis - Lavender 3:32
5 –Accubat - European Jewel (Incomplete) 2:37
6 –The Short Wave Mystery - Ghost Town By The Sea 2:36
7 –Sugar Bear - Spirit 1:58
8 –Static Films - Show Me The Way O' Lord 3:11
9 –Jack Walton - A Letter 2:33
10 –Monster Island - Naked In The Afternoon 2:51
11 –Tiltmaster - God Came Between Us 3:24
12 –Ape In A Tank - Go To Bed 3:19
13 –Burning Star Core - Hey 2:48
14 –Martin Way - Sense Of Reason 2:18
15 –Pengo - Hey Mister Can You Tell Me 3:59
16 –A Warm Palindrome - I Passed By The Building 2:00
17 –A Distant Chorus Of Handclaps - I Went To Hell 2:47
18 –Deluxx - Painted My Teeth 2:40
19 –LMP - The Beginning 5:15
20 –Mile 97 - Om 3:49
21 –Quaker Dynamo - Eziekiel 2:23
22 –Kemialliset Ystavat - Untitled 2:18
23 –The Golden Calves - Janitor's Dead 3:03
24 –Sinister Dexter - A Real Fine Movement 2:32
25 –Dirty Projectors - The River 2:13


Double Dubz said...

BSC, Pengo, KY, and GC? Sounds like the A-list to me :) thxxx for all that you do!

Farquhar Throckmorton III said...

I think we all experienced our own ballet with your epic Jandek posts. A ballet of emotions and feelings.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You're lucky....I've had to endure a course of heavy sedatives to get me through this. Now I feel ALIVE!

Anonymous said...

I'm going into Jandek withdrawal!

xopher.tm said...

"We made two *good* Jandek tribute albums. Here are the crappy leftovers!"

I'm on this one.


Anonymous said...

Pengo rule. One of the best underground bands around, no joke