Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Jandek - "Austin Tuesday" ( Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0823) 2017

The last post of Jandek Super Monday,and the last Jandek post until i get the latest four CD's.
Dysfunctional beat poetry backed by a primary school chamber quartet sounds like my kinda gig.
Shelia and Sterling Smith share the poetry duties affront scraping violinage,wandering clarinet,harpo marx style plucking,and the odd thud or two on the big bass drum.
Recorded at the Austin Library on the 16th of Feb,2016.


1 Old Tin Roof 7:33
2 The Doves 5:40
3 The Sparkle 6:37
4 Ultimate Bet 5:18
5 When I Thought 6:45
6 Happy Girl 3:39
7 The Fence 4:53
8 Human Time 2:32
9 The Top 5:24
10 Strangely Serene 2:54
11 The Trembling 4:19
12 Touching My Bed 5:32
13 The Man With The Hat 4:03

DOWNLOAD so everyday is tuesday in austin HERE!


rev.b said...

Yeah, I'd buy a ticket to this. Hope the crowd wasn't all grim hipster types. They'd probably be offended by my occasional laughter, but hey, I enjoy this shit. I'm here for a good time. You?

Anonymous said...

Love on a farmboy's wages...

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get [back] into Jandek; I heard New Town god knows how long ago and while I kind of liked it, I never got back into Jandek in part because of his large discography. Where should I start?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Personally I like the first two albums, "Ready For The House" and "Six and Six"...."Chair beside a window " is good.Thats got his 'Hit' Nancy Sings on it.
His live era stuff, post 2004, is a different beast, more commercial,if thats possible with Jandek.I can't remember which one of them i like best...best read my reviews for them..."Hamman Hall" was good from last week.