Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Blitzkrieg Bop ‎– "Top Of The Bops" (Overground Records ‎– OVER 69CD) 1998

One of the better releases on Lightning Records would have to be "Lets Go" by those 'Geordie New Wave luminaries', Blitzkrieg Bop(of which there are three versions of on this cd comp). An adapted version of Scott Mackenzies Hippy anthem involving putting flowers in your hair. Tony Parson's NME review of this tune is paraphrased in an amusing interview (track 18) on local radio back in '77, during which the Blitzkrieg Bopper involved actually sounds reasonably informed, and the local DJ rather amusingly alludes that this record and group are not very good.
Of course they're 'not very good', that was the whole point innit? The difficult part was to have the ability to not improve, the lack of which was the main factor in Punk Rocks rapidly approaching death date,or at least the sell-by date. It was simply all over by the end of 1978....and so were Blitzkrieg Bop. The band they stole their rather unispired name from,(Ramones if you somehow hadn't worked that one out yet?), kept repeating themselves into the late eighties,but they weren't as punk as these geordies,had worse clothes,rocked too much and basically sang about girlfriends.

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Ollie Stench said...

One of the guys progressed to being a New Romantic in this band.