Friday, 2 June 2023

Shit And Shine – "Shit And Shine" (Judgement Dispenser – JD#003) 2009

 As 'Industrial' music goes,it's hard to distinguish which 21st century acts display an acceptable face of product development as opposed to a bunch of Metalheads who heard Second annual report and a whitehouse LP,and mistook them for the new Sunn(((((0 album.
You can't blame 'em i suppose,as Metal inhabits the same musical dead-end as  Industrial musik does, and almost the same preponderance to invent as many sub-genres as possible to counter the valid accusations that it all sounds the fucking same!? 
The source of much of the problem is a wanton lack of a sense of humour, in both genres and their related,and very very silly, Sub-generic kissin' cousins .
Basically there's also so fucking much of this stuff, especially within the Industrial bracket,as its i actually a lot easier to make than almost any other form of Rock'n'Roll and its derivatives.You do actually have to have some basic skills to make a Doom Metal record,whereas in the grey Industrial hinterland, you need nothing except a lap top these days.In the old Skool tapes, that consisted of a double cassette deck, an echo box,a mike, and a distortion pedal, which actually looked better perched on a couple of Milk crates than the now standard two twats and a laptop,
Can't really think of any Metal bands with a sense of humour actually,but there are a few Industrial derived combo's who show this admirable trait, even if it is lost in the diaspora of uncountable generic Industrial MP3 files that are threatening the existence of any musical maldives out there in this too much of everything world we are saddled with for the near to mid-term future...if you can call it a 'Future'.
I can think of Smell and Quim and various offshoots, and this multi-drummer drone-psych-noise unit similarly tongue in cheek combo from the UK, Shit'n'Shine.
It could have been the name of a seventies cleaning product were it not for the naughty word,like a power electronics version of the Shake'n'Vac song.
The first side of this C-40 treats us to a unifying blend of Doom Metal as it should sound,and soul-crushing noise. Side B, is more yer power Electronics, but without the fucking silly murder stuff.Its brutal,and doesn't take prisoners or itself too seriously.Sadly,my only criticism is that this combo do that 21st century thing of releasing too many records, and they are on the great diluter site of Band-fucking-Camp. You can get dozens of the same thing here if you're so's all good,but not allllll good if you get what I'm sayin'?
Industrial culture has been watered down so much there's nothing left to cancel,and the product description is verging on the illegal.I wager even yer bank manager has invested in an original Leather Nun cassette,and a few VOD Sutcliffe Jugend box sets.Its all about as subversive as a Jeffrey Archer novel.
Recorded live in Belgium I gather?


Side A (20:01)
Side B (20:08)


Anonymous said...

ya always hint at Smell & Quim, yet, it is all TEASE!!! Don't run from yer destiny!

badgerstump said...

shit and shine are fkn ace

but two additional points:

1. i still own every bit of music that i've ever bought or shoplifted ... apart from Leather Nun's Steel Construction LP. it is so shit that i took it back into Manchester and just handed it to some random and said "it's your problem now".

2. i've just posted and referenced the shake and vac ... wtf

Ivan T.W. said...

Hell yeah, Shite & Shine are lovely.

If you haven't heard them, check out STRANGULATED BEATOFFS, another "funny" industrial group. Big influence on S&S, too.

Anonymous said...


Jonny Zchivago said...

I's a goona post mo shit like soon-ass possible. Been partying like a bitch.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Shake and Vac tune was the big bang of of the musical cosmos was it not?....oh no wait.....apparently it wasn't?
But well done Stumpy for propagating this golden myth.

Yeah Leather Nun were realllly Shit....except for that Slow Death EP.