Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rudimentary Peni - "Catastrophe" (Bootleg - Rotten 3) 1985?

The sporadic releases of Rudi P after 1983 created a need for product which was generously fulfilled by this live bootleg from two pre-Death Church performances in 1982.
There were 5 years between the first and second albums; mainly due to Nick Blinko's psychological condition,and the various anti-schizophrenia drugs he had to endure, which halted the creative process in its tracks.
One must say the boys are on fine form here, blasting out their one minute symphonies to a constantly chit-chatting audience.
The sound quality is rather good, and must have been recorded from the soundboard, with Blinko's screaming being especially clear.
A fine document of a fine group.


Musicians Collective, Camden, London 7/6/82:

1 Tower Of Strength
2 Farce
3 Dead Living
4 B-Ward 

Norwich Road Church Hall, Forest Gate, London 16/1/82:

5 Teenage Time Killer
6 Zero Again
7 Media Person
8 Subdued Violence
9 Tower Of Strength
10 Mice Race
11 Blind Dogs
12 Dead Living
13 Bloody Jellies
14 The Gardener
15 B-Ward
16 Farce
17 Hearse
18 Sacrifice
19 Him Hymn
20 Crazy Chain

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Convivial Cannibal Clan said...

all right nobody home. im guna take a dump right in the middle of this brown marbled vinyl bootleg with the worst resolution i have ever seen outside of the vaporware holocaust. who bootlegged this fucker anyways? better fess up.