Monday, 18 January 2016

Morio Agata ‎– "恋のラジオシティ" ( Vanity Records – vanity 2003, 7" Flexi promo) 1980

Morio Agata was apparently a moderately successful pop singer in Japan in the 70's. So to keep up with the times he made some synth-pop tunes in 1980, which resulted in the cheesy new-wavesploitation album " 乗物図鑑" on Vanity.(Which you can download on the rather lovely 'Bleak Bliss' blog by clicking here!)
This Flexi-Disc, free with 'Rock Magazine' in Japan, has the first track from that album to wet your appetites for more electronic R'n'R such as this. Its a kind of Suicide number with the lights turned on, but with  Alan Vega and Martin Rev replaced by Keith Harris and Orville.(yep its trash culture reference time again....for foreigners,ie anyone who isn't British, click here to experience the Harris as introduced by John Peel on Top Of The Pops)

DOWNLOAD some prime jap cheese HERE!

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