Sunday, 10 January 2016

Invivo ‎– "B.B.B." - (Vanity Records ‎– VAT4) 1981

Another lost and ignored cassette only release on Japan's Vanity Records.
This time we find ourselves in some minimal electro-tinted post-punk interplanetary void.Think of a shy, vocal-less,drum box version of DAF mark one and transport them to 1980's Nippon; then you are somewhere near the sound of Invivo.
They seem obsessed with the contents of Petri-dishes, and why not? Vanity Records herself is somewhat akin to that essential item in a chemists toolbox; in so much as, she allows unicellular lifeforms such as Invivo to reproduce themselves and spread,symbiotically, to a host, to multiply or die.Unfortunately most of the bacteria, or 'Bacteriodes', on Vanity died in quarantine before they could evolve into multi-cellular organisms. A shame really,because Invivo had the potential to grow into something special,but never had the right food;all the agar jelly was snaffled by the Anglo-Saxon rock'n'roll alliance! A fine argument against the principle of Survival of the Fittest; but sometimes the best fun is had remaining in the primeval soup,especially in the world of post-war pop music. Invivo remained with the blue-green algae rather than crawl onto land and become a Dinosaur.And as we all know, Dinosaurs  became mostly extinct,leaving the smallest ones to evolve into Birds. This is happening again thanks to the meteor strike otherwise know as the Internet. One day this tape will become a bird,catch it before it flys away.


A1B.B.B. Micoplasm (1983)
A2I.D.50 (Live)
A4Macrolide (C H NO)
B1Invitro / Proteus Amoxicillin
B2Klebsiella -
B3Micoplasma (1979)
B4Dead World (LCM)

DOWNLOAD this lost chapter from the origin of species HERE!


Chris Sessions said...

Love, love, love the review! Can't wait to check this one out. Thanks Jonny!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I Only hope it lives up to the review.Cheers.