Monday, 24 August 2015

Esmectatons - "Bene Gesserit Science" (Year Zero Records YEAR034) 2015

Ah yes, Brazil, home to the mellow vibes of the Bossa Nova beat,scantily clad girls from Ipanema playing beach volleyball,immense shanty towns, showboating footballers,and the intense cultured prog noise of Esmectatons? 
This reminds one of the kind of European improv prog band from Bravaria  that you find on that list included with Nurse With Wounds first album.The  honking squealing of saxophones surf on a whitewater tumult of Swirling noise,and improvised drumming that just keeps its head above the surface.
There is more to Brazil than disappearing rain-forests and poncy footballers; Germany may have beaten them 7-1 in the last world cup,but now they are doing what our favourite disciplinarians did best in 1972, progressive improvised avant rock.
Somebody described this (from memory) as 'Post Everything Progressive Noise',with which I wholly concur!......and ,yes,as if you didn't guess,this is the sound of modern Brazil! 

Track Listing:

01 A Place Where Dreams Come From
02 Hypnerotomachia Poliphili or Poliphilo's Strife of Love in a Dream

DOWNLOAD it scientifically HERE!


bill said...

Really looking forward to this! Thanks for this and for all the PiL and for well everything .. :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers, Bill, or BiL? Its good stuff,well, i think so anyway. Enjoy.

pinkie said...

Much obliged, sounds great :)