Thursday, 25 June 2015

THE BLIND MAN WHO WALKED PAST THE SUPERMARKET - "Jolly Green Giant Corn (The First Can Off The Shelf)" (Year Zero Records YEAR031) (1978/80) 2015

From the catacombs beneath the underground,and maybe even below that, we bring you the long lost sessions of Leicester DIY improv collective, The Blind man Who walked Past the Supermarket,who were active in the golden years of 1978 to 1980.
Digitally remastered from the original high quality Dixons ferric oxide master cassette,here is a rare chance to experience the madness from the bubbling cauldron of thee most creative period in British music.
Imagine The Alien Brains and The Door and the Window,merging with Sun Ra,Airway and The Residents, but drunk; then you'd be getting half way towards understanding the off kilter lunacy of this long buried sub-genius.
Just the stuff to encourage that person you hate to shout..."TURN THAT FUCKING SHIT OFF!"
The Blind Men in action
The Blind Man Who Walked Past The Supermarket
Personnel and instrumentation 1978-1980:

Phillip Allison - saxophone shouting, contents of the kitchen and shed, keyboards, prepared bass

Mark Warner - submerged trombone, more competent keyboards, tapes, electronics, contents of the etc, vocals and sneaky stage moves, prepared bass, mutilated keyboards

Gordon Nichols - airborne trombone, percussion, laughter, contents of the etc

Hoover Washing Machine - lead guitar, backing rhythms

Old Valve Radio - Radio Mars

Moot, Tony Pye(Lead Vocals*), Walid Marzouk - excessive drinking and occasional rude vocals

Track listing:

01 - Blind Man 01
02 - Blind Man 02
03 - Blind Man 03
04 - Blind Man 04
05 - Blind Man 05
06 - Blind Man 06
07 - Blind Man 07
08 - Blind Man 08
09 - Blind Man 09
10 - Blind Man 10
11 - Blind Man 11(Maria!)*
12 - Blind Man 12
13 - Blind Man 13

Ho Ho Hooooo!DOWNLOAD the first can of jolly green giant corn HERE!
in glorious 320k mp3 quality.


Bruce the Moose said...

Recently I went to the Year Zero site and downloaded all the albums that I didn't already have.

I'm under the impression that you have had something personally to do with producing at least some of the Year Zero material. My question is, as a web label, is there some sort of implied Creative Commons license? Year Zero does not specifically state any Creative Commons license.

I ask because I'm involved in doing non-commercial broadcasting/webcasting. For Creative Commons licensed material, I and others are freed from such things as "you can only play 2 consecutive tunes of of an album", and other restrictions.

Bruce the Moose

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well Bruce,
firstly, congratulations on downloading all the year zero albums.
Secondly, are you alright after this harrowing experience.
Thirdly, creative commons licence????....sound like the opposite of creativity to me!? there's no shit like that on Year Zero. You,especially you, can play as much as you want,and basically do whAT YOU want with the downlaoded material. If you so wish to play any of these records on your broadcasts,then do so....but give us a clue as to this fact,so one can listen in.

the saucer people said...

Mystery solved! N. Senada obviously took up 'residency' in Leicester, sometime in the mid to late seventies judging by this unholy cacophony of barely organised noise - a deranged paean to the theories of obscurity and phonetic organisation.

As this blog has more Mark P. material than any other, in my opinion it's an appropriate place to add the Good Missionaries to the other artist references (actually, there are also moments on the first track that remind me of Faust when the disparate rhythms briefly coalesce into a locked groove.)

Anyway, after grabbing your Year Zero posts, I'll check out their website and follow Bruce The Moose's advice and get downloading on their site while watching the first part of 'Diamonds To Be' below:

I do fear for my sanity, but it's a rainy Sunday here in fascist Britain, so can't think of anything better to do.

Many thanks JZ, as always.

PS> I think your nom de plume ended up at number two in the Clockwork Orange record shop charts after a recent re-watch, though along with everything else, my eyesight is failing, so I could be wrong.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Good Missionaries,who did I forget that comparison?
The Blind Man Who...etc...Did attempt to do a full blown gig at the Leicester Poly,featuring eight washing machines with guitars,in spin mode(or maybe cotton mode?),and a five strong trombone section. This proposal was inevitably rejected by the organiser?!
Apparently Gordon disappeared not long after,maybe he was N.Senada unmasked?
(useless fact:)Leicester was appropriately one of only three places that The Residents performed the Mole Show in the UK,at that very same Leicester Poly.

"Diamonds to Be" is a fine film indeed,I personally enjoy episode 5 the best.

Happy Year Zeroing.

Bruce the Moose said...

"Thirdly, creative commons licence????"

First of all, I'm approaching things from the living in the U.S.A. perspective, and our broadcasting/webcasting laws are probably different from elsewhere in the world.

The Creative Commons licensing system is used by such places as The Free Music Archive, The Internet Archive, and various netlabels that may or may not have tie ins with the FMA or IA. These music distributors are from all over the world.

There are variations of CC licenses, but they all in effect give a non-commercial radio station/webcaster explicit legal permission to do pretty much anything with the material. The same as what you said about Year Zero, except with a CC commons license you actually have a legal license to freedom. Creative Commons licenses are good things.

See for more detailed information.