Monday, 6 June 2022

Algebra Suicide – "Big Skin" (Buzzerama Records) 1986

From the Sahara desert to the urban deserts of the USA we stoop to the default setting of spoken word synth punk duo's, and Algebra Suicide, from the windy city of Chicago.
Award winning ,it says here, high brow minimal synth duo with humble beginnings during the american cassette underground peak years.I say'High Brow' because they dangerously flirt with the word 'poetry',primarily because talking over an electronic backing is easier than singing,or even finding a singer to deliver your deadpan wordy litanies to the rigid beats of a drum machine.
There is a suggestion of a John Cooper Clarke and The Invisible Girls influence in some of the tunes and the inevitable sprinkling of Girono Poetry Systems. The words are suitably dark enough to gain one's attention and may or may not hint, at a sense of humour. 
The deadpan poets society.


A1 After Charles 2:23
A2 Seasonal Zombies 3:00
A3 Little Dead Body Poem 4:45
A4 Proverbial Explanation For Why No Action Is Taken 2:28
A5 After Rilke 2:15
A6 No War Bride 1:25
A7 Tractor Pull 2:20
B1 Sub Rosa 1:40
B2 Horizon 2:40
B3 Amusing One's Self 2:15
B4 Seven Song 6:50
B5 Please Respect Our Decadence 2:15
B6 Alphabet Song 3:05

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