Saturday, 21 July 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Realities. Vol 1." (Adventures In Reality Recordings ‎– A.R.R. 001) 1982

The last Essex band to be featured are the criminally underexposed 86:Mix, from Westcliffe-on-Sea it seems?
They featured on "New Crimes Volume 1", but there seems to have been little else released;although i have been informed that they did self-release a couple of cassettes, and were considered as a possible for Namedrop records. They could have been Delta Six or an essex boy Fire Engines, but no-one was interested.
The only other tracks by 86:Mix i could find are on the debut Adventures In Reality compilation, "Realities Vol 1.", and rather excellently post-punky they are too.
Oh Yeah,....Attrition's on here too, and various other  Goth rockers, new poppers, and futurists mostly from the Coventry/Northampton fact a classic compilation from a great era in Pop music.


Red Side:
A1 –Trance -Instincts
A2 –Trance - Dawn Of The Dead
A3 –I Want-Myself Desired
A4 –I Want-99th Creation
A5 –By Product-You're Not One Of The Boys
A6 –Reviva Component-Black Forest Girl
A7 –Reviva Component-This Lunar Beauty
A8 –Send No Flowers-Wall Of Convention
A9 –Send No Flowers-Untitled

Blue Side:
B1 –Attrition-Hours & Hours
B2 –Attrition-Tomb
B3 –TSC - Untitled
B4 –86:Mix-Too Much The Barman
B5 –86:Mix-Custodian (Live)
B6 –The Aucadion -3 AM
B7 –The Aucadion -Closet Boys

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