Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Apostles ‎– "Topics For Discussion - 4th Demo" (Scum Tapes) 1982

You can't really discuss anything with a cassette.It kinda dictates the conversation,just like heckling someone with a microphone, you can't win because they can shout louder than you.
One thing you can do with a cassette is turn the volume down, or turn it off,just like you did on all those other preaching Anarcho-Punk tapes you bought in 1982. Shouldn't they have been FREE? This one was £1.50.
I suppose they raise interesting points, but they've been discussed out of existence in large.
Musically, the Apostles turn away from the standard fuzzy shouty thrash of Anarcho-Punk in general, and at least make an attempt to make it interesting, although they do sound like a crap rock band rehearsing in someone's dad's garage. A lemon Kittens influence is detected, which suggests a deeper potential than is exhibited here.
The various Apostles still make and release music today in various combo's that escape me for the moment?.....Academy 23 I think??.....just checked,and they are in Unit as well.
The file is just two sides of the cassette i'm afraid.....couldn't be arsed to edit them...its too effing HOT!

Side 10
1 Skin Deep
2 After The Fact
3 The Scream
4 Red Vote Poll
5 We Buy A Hammer For Anne
6 Rediffusion Refugee
7 Just When You Thought It Was Safe 

Side 27
8 Hello John
9 Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan
10 Chalet Un Colere
11 1980’s
12 Untitled
13 Fucking Queer

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