Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Apostles & The Mob ‎– "Live At The LMC" (Cause For Concern ‎– CFC 015) 1983

You may have guessed that your host is not too fond of Anarcho Punk?
The exception to the rule for me is The Mob......yes, I like The Mob!? Got a problem with that?
Whereas The Apostles sound like normal people,complete with ,probably, faux cockney accents.The Mob sound like they grew up in a cupboard in an abandoned georgian terrace and emerged to find that it was a squat full of 'Peace Punx'.Feral, and in search of guidance, they were raised and schooled by Anarchists.After 'how to doss and sign on',lesson two was form a band and preach to other anarcho-punks about how bad war is.
There's something innocent about The Mob that, over the intervening thirty years, has made them charming enough to actually listen to, and play their excellent records more than just once.I can sing along to 'No Doves Fly Here',and would do so in public if Karaoke machines had the backing track......that is unless the machine also had "Frankie Teardrop" by Suicide of course......maybe there's a gap in the market there?
The Mob are in great form here, churning out those wobbly voiced incompetant classics like they had a bus to catch;no introductions,no banter, like the shy boys they obviously were.
Unlike The Apostles, who were obviously very normal confident young men, who liked to explain themselves between every tune....."We're not Anarchists"....who cares?....."This ones about Racism"...yeah?I better think about this then!?.....its good being patronised by your peers innit?

Track List:

A1 - Erics detachables
A2 - Skin Deep
A3 - Fucking Queer
A4 - Proletarian Autonomy
A5 - Pigs For Slaughter
A6 - Alien Asian Alienation

B1 - Cry Of The Morning
B2 - Gates Of Hell
B3 - Prison
B4 - Dance On You Fool
B5 - Our Life Our World
B6 - Witch Hunt
B7 - Slayed

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