Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "Follow Your Footsteps" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0751) 1986

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know!....I forgot to do Jandek Monday!
Well, it'll have to be Jandek Wednesday instead won't it?
Anyone got a problem with that?
Got carried away with the world cup didn't I?
As much as I want England to win the fucking thing, I dread the waves of Jingoistic 'Pride', washing away the reality of what a fucking mess my motherland is in...especially politically.
All the lazy,thick, racist 'little englander' scumbags, will be racing down the streets in their mobility scooters, singing 'Footballs Coming Home' alongside chants of  'we've got our country back'; despite the fact that the government is reducing this poxy grey island to the status of a vassel state off the coast of the largest trading bloc in the world. 
Those feckless fat cunts at least won't have to worry about foreigners taking the jobs they don't want, because the jobs will have moved to where those foreigners came from originally. I've never been so ashamed to be English, even if England do the unlikely achievement of winning the World Cup against the old enemy.....France. Somehow it was be fitting that England lost 2-1 (aet) to Croatia;very gratefully part of that huge trading bloc thank you very much. Part one of Brexit has happened, as in the Exit of England from the world cup....they'll be crying in their chips.

Oh Yeah.....Jandeks "Follow Your Footsteps" is a strange one from classic period Jandek.
The guitar appears to be tuned to a standard blues tunage, and played as such!?
There appears to be two 'other' singers involved also....maybe the 'Eddie' from "Blue Corpse", and a lone female interjection on "What Do You Want To Sing?"(Probably the mysterious Nancy,from the other contemporaneous albums around '86). The Drums are also pounded by someone with the percussive ability of a toddler.
Because of the conventional guitarwork, this is probably listed as 'very accessable' in the vast Jandek catalogue.


A1 Honey 3:13
A2 What Do You Want To Sing 2:11
A3 Jaws Of Murmur 4:50
A4 Preacher 3:50
A5 Didn’t Ask Why 4:10
A6 Leave All You Have 3:48
B1 I Know You Well 3:13
B2 Dearly Need Some Words 4:16
B3 Straight Thirty Seconds 3:00
B4 Bring On Fatima 2:40
B5 For Today 3:49
B6 Collection 3:41
B7 We’re All Through 1:19


rev.b said...

No Sir Mr. Zchivago, no problem at all. You post Mr Jandek whenever you want Mr. Zchivago. Can I get you a napkin? More chips perhaps….

Jonny Zchivago said...

More chips vicar....can't have enough chips can one?
No napkins required. I like the look of tomato ketchup dripping down my shiney track suit.