Friday, 13 July 2018

Various Artists ‎– "New Criminals Volume 2" (New Crimes Tapes ‎– NC6) 1982

It's New Criminals Volume Two and its jam packed with unmusicianly joy.
The Apostles are probably the worst Anarcho-Punk band ever...which is a good thing by the way.
Attrition, are as DIY sounding as Industrial electronica can get.....speaking of 'Get'.......
We have 'The Get', which includes at least one Stripey Zebra,who are almost as wonderfully dysfunctional as the Zebras themselves.
Train Fares,apart from the great band name, are the blue-green Algae of the Indie primeaval soup, which evolved eventually emerging as mudskippers,or stuff like Talulah Gosh.
Terminal Disater, avert the total disater of the anarcho-punk carbon copyist mass grave, by being totally incompetent at replicating said generic dead end.
Cold War,are badly recorded Rema-Rema wannabes.If they had Martin Hannett producing they could have been as big as The Danse Society.
Twelve Cubic Feet, were almost the very first fully functional 'Indie' band....well, it was either them or the TV Personalities, Subway Sect,or Dolly Mixture?
This Bitter Lesson, are usually fine exponents of the pubescent art of anarchist poetry, which is normally hilarious.....but the two tracks on here don't reach those laughable heights of uber-seriousness. This can be found on their highly recommended 'Value Of Defiance' tape....coming soon to these cyber pages.

A fine compilation charting the shifting waters of the 1982 music scene,and the first glimmerings of the 'Indie' curse.

DOWNLOAD this perfect crime HERE!

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Bob Osborne said...

We have some more recent releases by The Get on German Shepherd Records. They are still going strong although the former Stripey Zebra left some time back and is now performing as Toska Wilde. We are also releasing music by Toska which features vocals from Bruce of The Get.