Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Apostles ‎– "The 2nd Dark Age" (BBP Records) 1982

On the day after Presdient Trump (Yes I said 'President'!), risked invoking the death penalty on himself by committing Treason in Finland, basically allying himself  with Dictator and enemy of freedom, Vladimir Putin. And Sarah Palin asks where were NATO in world War Two???...you've gotta ask yourself ,is this a second dark age?
Back in 1982, things were clearer.The was two massive military blocs facing off, with the nuclear threat a real possibility everyday of the year.......but was it? At least back then we had lunatics who at least gave the process a bit of thought. Even Reagan prepared himself for meetings by watching TV documentaries. Trump does nothing. Even ignoring his advisers. The western alliance is on a precipice, led by a Vain, ego driven ,inarticulate....er....yes this does apply....Moron!? Whose simplistic thought pattern encounters a Problem, then skips the thinking part, straight to a 'Solution', no discussions, no careful considerations. This of course appeals to the frustrated and disenfranchised, who want quick satisfaction for their prejudices. Like Hitler, he promises them bread, or Plasma screen TV's in the red-necks case, closes the economy, blames foreigners, and makes alliances with Russians. But. like Chamberlain, he is being openly manipulated  by a much wilier opponent. Complicit in attempting to break up the western alliance this small handed Oompah Loompah/ clown is actually risking world peace....which never  happened during the Cold war,even during the cuban missle crisis. This is happening!?

As for The Apostles' take on the second dark age,it involves a lot of songs about the noble art of Cricket(again revealing their social standing)......after all the slogan, "Geoff Boycott is Innocent", was daubed on the Berlin Wall.
I have actually met the great man back in the nineties,after the wall had fallen. There's something of the Trump about him too; a no-nonsense straight forward yorkshire type that doesn't mess about with technicalities and goes straight to the simple solution to complex problems. This is why Boycott was never Captain of the England Cricket team. But he talks in the same style as Trump,so maybe send in Boycott as a desperate last resort to knock some sense into the idiot?There's a headline for you, Geoff Boycott saves western democracy!?......less likely things have happened...like electing a five times bankrupt, misogynist, racist ,reality TV star as leader of the western world.....Nah!...thats too far fetched.......innit????? 


Side Seventeen
A1 The Shures Of Time
A2 Thalidomide
A3 Kings Cross Etc
A4 The End
A5 NW3
Side Twenty Seven
B1 Hello Mark
B2 The Wicket
B3 Geoff Boycott
B4 The Innocent Bystander
B5 Alien Asian
B6 Silly Mid Off

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Unknown said...

Ah yes, leftists bellyaching about "rednecks" after Trump beat the Lady Macbeth of Arkansas; the irony is rich.