Thursday, 26 July 2018

Various ‎Artists – "East Of Croydon" (Nothing Shaking Records ‎– SHAK 1) 1981

Moving next door to Bromley we have Croydon. There was no Croydon Contingent of attention seeking middle class kids here. Home of the legendary Johnny Moped and the Damneds Captain Sensible, there was a different kind of Punk Rocker from this constituency. A lot sillier and out for fun rather than trying to shock their parents and be cool.The punk uniform for Croydon was still Flares and Tank Tops in 1977, just like us lot north of the watford gap.The realm of outsider punk.
Of course Croydon had to have a local compilation as well as Bromley,but the difference is that this one pisses all over "From Bromley With Love". Whereas the Bromley one trys desperately to appeal to the latest unforgiveable youth cult of  the New Romantics/Futurists, East Of Croydon is just a perfect array of post-punk/proto-indie relevance that would appeal nicely to yer average John Peel listener.
As usual, none of these bands (except maybe the Normil Hawaiians?) were ever heard of again,but we do have the complete works of Greenfield Leisure if you click HERE!


A1 –Janet Armstrong - Inadequate
A2 –The Heartbeats - Funny Anymore
A3 –The Flips - Schitzo
A4 –The Big Combo - 21 Girls
A5 –Local Heroes SW9 - Another Modern Romance
A6 –Big Hair - Over You
A7 –Bobby Henry - Next Move
B1 –Calling Hearts - In The Jungle
B2 –Kan Kan - Phone Call
B3 –Sir James - The Selection
B4 –Spοοn Fazer - Fly On The Wall
B5 –A Circle Charmed - Henrietta Missing
B6 –Greenfield Leisure - Leisure
B7 –Normil Hawaiians - Dark World


Mark L. said...

Before you move on from the Regional/Compilations I had some requests if you happen to have them to share?

Cigars On Wednesday CS (1980)
The Art Of Solving Problems LP (1980)
Warped Sense Of Human LP (1981)

Other UK you may be looking for let me know and maybe I'll have it..
Cheers, M.

Jonny Zchivago said...

"A Warped Sense Of Human" is scheduled for saturday, but the other two, I don't have.

Konrad Arflane said...

Except "maybe" the Normil Hawaiians?

Come on...More Wealth Than Money is a double disc classic gem right up there with Umma Gumma and Soft Machine's Third...

Jonny Zchivago said...

I remember regretting buying "MWTM",and hating it. But then again I hated "Ummagumma" and "Third" too, but now i lurve maybe i'll root it out and give it a spin?

Konrad Arflane said...

Now available as a remastered cd with bonus material:

The remaster is well done.

You are a bad man Jonny...a very very bad man. The '70s ware an awful period for music. Ummagumma and Third were high points (and yes I know Umma was '69...close enough for gov't. work) but the charge stands. :)

Listen to Ummagumma, Third and MWTM in order...then tell me you don't hear the symmetry.