Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Norwich - A Fine City" (Romans In Britain Records ‎– NERO 1) 1981

"And Now......from Norwich......it's the Quiz of the week.......'Sale Of The Century!"......the announcer said before a shite UK game show in the 1970's. I liked the Live From Norwich part, as if that was supposed to be impressive.
'I must watch that....its from Norwich!'......was never said by anyone?
I suppose that was the inspiration behind Alan Partridge being a host on Radio Norwich?
There was a time when Norwich had one of those local music scenes that cropped up every now and again, like Coventry with 'Two Tone', and Leicester with 'Grebo'. This one had no other name than It was From Norwich (Like Sale Of The Century). Led by The Higsons and The Farmers Boys, they managed to produce another one of those damned Local Compilations; "Welcome to Norwich,A Fine City".
Being stuck on a large expanse of flat farmland, Norwich was isolated somewhat from the rest of the land,so could breed its own insular kind of music.A funky brand of Post-Punk i suppose if you're being specific.
As it starts off with a song thats a tribute to the film i've seen more times than any other, "Plan Nine From Outer Space"; which i'm sad to say, i can recite all the dialogue to.
Like Dudley Manlove's famous 'Solarmanite' speech:...click here for this delight!

I know, this review is more to do with crap TV and Film than the actual album.....just indulge me will ya?.......oh yeah.....this records a cracker.

A1 –The Happy Few - Plan 9 From Outer Space
A2 –The Higsons - My Love Is Bent (At Both Ends)
A3 –Screen 3 - Live And Learn
A4 –The Mohair Twins - Railway Sex
A5 –The Panic Parade - Little Games
A6 –The Clynics - Learning To Smile
A7 –Capitalist Music - Jane's Gone To France
B1 –Screen 3 - Shades Of Black
B2 –The Clynics - Eastern Exercise
B3 –The Mohair Twins - Five Hawaiian Bullets
B4 –The Happy Few - Ultimate Sanction
B5 –The Panic Parade - Blue Light Brigade
B6 –The Higsons - We Will Never Grow Old
B7 –Capitalist Music - Do You Really Love That Girl

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