Saturday, 28 July 2018

Various ‎Artists – "The Snoopies Album: The Last Remains Of A Richmond Venue" ( 1,000 Only Records ‎– RSB1) 1981

Staying in the London area with,not quite a local bands compilation,but an album of studio recordings of some of the bands who played in very posh Richmond's premier alternative music venue....."Snoopies".Which closed its doors in 1981.
Some cracking tunes on this one, including a 'Hit', with an earlier version of The Cardiacs stadium pop classic "Is This The Life?", which was a minor hit single in 1988!? 
There's plenty of classic UK DIY as well, including the Tronics and the legendary Scissor Fits!


A1 –Rich & Famous - Machine Gun
A2 –The Mag 7 - Rosalind Jones's Umbrella
A3 –Tronics - I'm A Diver
A4 –The People Upstairs - Whips Leather & Other Animals
A5 –Plain Characters - I Am A.
A6 –The Trudy - The Trudy
A7 –Thirteen At Midnight - Follow Yourself
A8 –Babybabybabybaby - Supernatural
B1 –Snatch 22 - Be Like You
B2 –Sister Sister - The Blackmen Dance
B3 –Scissor Fits- Radio Teeth
B4 –M.L.R. - The Recked Rectors Of Og
B5 –The Crew - Songs Like These
B6 –The Europeans - Drink Pink Zinc!
B7 –Cardiacs - Is This The Life?


/][/ said...

This looks interesting. Was the venue named after Charlie Brown's dog? I don't care what anyone says Snoopy is fucking rad. What other dog you know that flies around like the Red Baron? All while just chilling on his dog house roof. That is some magical stuff man. Schulz was on a good one when he thunk up that story line bless his soul. Charlie Brown his owner I hate though. He is as boring as electronic house music. Glad we could have this talk Jonny.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Zog did a track called "Its a Charlie Brown Funeral", i'm sure you'll like that one?

Lord Puffin said...

The venue may have been in Richmond but not in any way posh. Most of the bands that played there were from Houndslow and Whitton and Feltham. It was a genuine melting pot and if you had ever seen 'The Dirty Toilets', The Pests, and Aunty Puss - you would know what not posh is all about.

Lord Puffin said...

Hi - The original Ralph E Boy here. I produced this album 40 years ago this year. I am also incidentally, Lord Puffin as well. As for the name of the club, we inherited it and were not allowed to change it. Whether it has any relevance to our beagle friend I don'n know. What I do know is the whole project took a year of my life and I am still very proud of it. My track was Machine Gun, first up, I am still in contact with many of the artists and amazingly at least one of the bands is still going. What I didn't appreciate at the time was that I was part of the 'DIY' movement which is now getting a lot of interest and kudos - to us at the time, teenagers from West London, it was just what was happening all around us. Delighted that people are still taking an interest and copies still change hands on ebay for up to £60. Regards - Ralph E Boy said...

Hi Lord Puffin, I’ve got a copy of your Snoopies album #751. It’s a great album! Bought it when it came out. I was 14 when Snoopies closed and just missed out on going (as you could pretty much drink in all the pubs round there by 15!) But have seen a few of the bands, especially the Cardiacs. It is a brilliant slice of history with some top tunes on so you should be proud!

Unknown said...

G'Day, Lord Puffin! I also have a copy of the album....#859! Listening to it again after almost 25 years....brilliant stuff! Bought it from a now defunct record shop in Bristol, CT in the U.S. of A.....drove my sister crazy with it. Still loving it!