Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Household Shocks" (Stark Products ‎– LPC01) 1980

In July 1980 Paul Singleton and Chris Leaning opened a record shop in Lincoln, England. It opened under the name “All Tomorrow’s Parties” — but later moved to the city center and was renamed “Parade.” Through the growing local music scene their shop became a hangout for the local punks. Then the idea for “Household Shocks”, a compilation of these punk’s bands came into fruition.
Containing rare tracks, including one DIY classic, so rare, called “Radioactive Man” by Fault 151, that it was the only song the band ever recorded;a career path that should have been followed by many other,more sucessful, groups. 

Since then 'Household Shocks' has become a time stamp on a very brief moment in early post-punk.Less than 100 copies of it were pressed on blue vinyl.


1–Product Of Reason - Active Repetition
2–Thunderboys - Fashion
3–One Gang Logic -  Playtime
4–Sinking Ships - Weight Loss
5–Juveniles - Another Kind Of Guy
6–Mystery Girls - Killing Time
7–Product Of Reason - Five
8–Defectors - You Only Laughed
9–Juveniles -  Scratched Blue Vinyl
10–Sinking Ships - 3rd World
11–Fault 151 - Radiation Man
12–Urbantech - 9-5 Figment
13–Product Of Reason - Your Song
14–Thunderboys - Rich Bitch
15–Thunderboys - F.B.I.
16–One Gang Logic - The Stand


Anonymous said...

Found this one back then in a second-hand shop in Berlin (but sold it years later after taping it). It contains some fantastic all-time faves of mine. Never knew the story behind it, so thank you for that info!

Anonymous said...

Link is down. Please re-up. Thanks.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The link is fine.....continues to have lots of downloads in my stats.

Len Mitchell said...

I've got an audio cassette recording of The Scarred's 2nd of only 2 gigs from 1977 at Heslam Park rugby club, Scunthorpe. Chris Leaning on vocals and drums and Paul Singleton. I can digitise it if anyones interested. Punk covers and orivinal material including ' Oh baby, my jeans are too tight!' ��

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Len, by all means digitize. there's always a place for most obscure tapes on here. Sounds promising.

Ailwyn Parr said...

This is still a 'go-to' album for me. I saw several of these acts live and am still in awe of Product of Reason and The Defectors. The only downside for me is the Mystery Girls recording. I saw them live and they were an outstanding New York Dolls/Johnny Thunders inspired rock band whereas the track on the album is bubble gum pop.