Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Subterranean Modern" (Ralph Records ‎– SM7908) 1979

"Subterranean Modern was Ralph Records' first album involving music from anyone other than The Residents or Snakefinger. The idea was to widen Ralph's appeal by bringing a greater variety of styles into the label. To this end Ralph had four band submit contributions on the theme of "San Francisco". Each was required to include a version of <a href="/artist/Tony+Bennett">Tony Bennett</a>'s I Left My Heart In San Francisco. The four bands chosen were The Residents (of course), Chrome, Tuxedomoon, and MX-80 Sound..." (notes from The Residents website)

Another fantastic compilation with The Residents on it is the near perfect “Subterranean Modern”, which was the first release on Ralph to feature 'other' bands other than The Residents. What a magnificent quartet of examples from the crusty edge of the pop-pie we have here.
The proto-industrial punk of the beyond great Chrome, the proto alt-rock pre-post punk of MX80 Sound, the unclassifiable Residents (sigh!), and Tuxedomoon from when they were good,if not great!
This is the format that best showcases The Residents, like side one of 'Fingerprince; like 'Duck Stab',like 'The Commercial Album',like 'The Tunes of Two Cities'; amongst too few other examples from the eyeball headed ones vast back catalogue, that,quite frankly, after 1984 sucked bad! They were always better,touching on genius with the shorter avant-pop format than the stretched out concepts of, for example, Eskimo.Maybe 'The Big Bubble(part Four of the Mole Trilogy)' was their last good album.Also the over embracing of the 'latest' technology also fucked up the it does with everyone. Here we have The Residents at their absolute peak of strangeness.


A1 Chrome Anti-Fade 3:52
A2 Chrome I Left My Heart In San Francisco 0:27
A3 Chrome Meet You In The Subway 5:15
A4 MX-80 Sound Lady In Pain 2:49
A5 MX-80 Sound I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1:52
A6 MX-80 Sound Possessed 4:54
B1 The Residents I Left My Heart In San Francisco 2:02
B2 The Residents Dumbo, The Clown (Who Loved Christmas) 2:07
B3 The Residents Is He Really Bringing Roses? (The Replacement) 2:34
B4 The Residents Time's Up 2:54
B5 Tuxedomoon I Left My Heart In San Francisco 1:03
B6 Tuxedomoon Everything You Want 4:14
B7 Tuxedomoon Waterfront Seat 4:28

DOWNLOAD from a modern subterranean paradise from the past HERE!


Anonymous said...

hi. great blog.
do you by any chance have 50 synthesizer greats by david chesworth?

Anonymous said...

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm not sure I should tolerate adverts for iTunes on here?..ah what the fuck! No i don't have this album by the way.

Seaside Treats said...

Fair enough, a lot of the later Residents stuff isn't as great as the ones you mention, but surely you can allow 'Freak Show' is pretty good? Even if it is a bit Fairlight sounding.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes ,i'll accept Freak Show, as a potentially decent album. & Yes the awful Fairlight sound does hurt the songs somewhat.

serlunch said...

Looking for "DONDE ESTA LOS INSECTS" - a 1989 Cassette Compilation featuring a GOD live track. Thanx

rev.b said...

I love your blog and the memories it evokes. Do you have the other Ralph Records sampler callede Frank Johnson's Favorites? Would love to hear that again. Either way, thanks for all your good efforts.

Carlo said...

I'd like to listen to Resident's "Freak Show".
Could you post it, please?

Thank you.


Jonny Zchivago said...

You haven't heard 'Freak Show' !?....i suppose I could squeeze it in somewhere...I dunno if it fits in with the blogs somewhat stretched concept. Its the state of the art technology you see....not very DIY that.

Jonny Zchivago said...

In fact try this link,if it don't work for you,i'll upload it to google drive for ya.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh, and by the way I do have Frank Johnson's favourites.Its ripped,just waiting to be edited.It will appear soon.

AlanJin said...

YES! This album is amazing! Thanks you very much!!!!!!!
Desde Chile!