Thursday, 31 May 2018

Steve Treatment ‎– "25 "A" Sides + Your Friends Are In The News" (Hyped To Death ‎– Messthetics #202-203) 2003

One of the shiniest failures from East Midlands also-ran City, Derby (pronounced Darby for you americans!),was the legend in his own lunchtime himself, Steve Treatment.More famed as playing Amyl Nitrate in Derek Jarmans' artsy fartsy 'Punk' movie, "Jubilee". 
Every shit town has someone who struts around as if they were a 'star', in this case Steve strutted around Derby thinking he was Marc Bolan. Ironically his career started the year Marc's ended as his Mini slammed into a tree and killed our curly topped chum instantly.
Maybe his soul transported itself into young Steven?
Not shy at donning some glossy lipstick and a cape, Steve ran away to London, buddied up with fellow midlands refugees, Swell Maps, and started to churn out lots of DIY Glam pop songs to a very disinterested capital city.
Steve said that all of his songs were 'A'-sides. He wasn't far off in that claim, they were at least B-side material, maybe even 'C'-side standard. As it turned out most of his recordings never got the chance to be on any side of a record, never mind the 'A' or 'B' side of anything.
He managed to produce three chirpy 7" singles, one on Swell Maps' 'Rather Records', who played back-up on his early recordings.
Lots of chung-a-chung-a guitar work, meandering echo-laden  council estate T-Rex-isms a plenty, but, there is a certain charm about the late Mr Treatment's fortitude in his belief that he was obviously a star, no matter what anybody else the great beast  Aliester Crowley once said...."Every Man Every woman Is a Star".....I can't argue with that.

140+ minutes of unglamorous  DIY'n'roll including all of Steve's singles (1977-1979), plus later highlights of his incredibly colorful career, including almost all of the songs that were headed for Steve's never to be released LP. 



25 "A" Sides

1-1 Danger Zone 1:41
1-2 Taste Your Own Medicine 2:27
1-3 Negative Nights 2:19
1-4 The Hippie Posed Engrossment 1:37
1-5 Hooked On A Trend 1:27
1-6 Step Inside A Worn-Out Shoe 3:21
1-7 Heaven Knows (Juvenile Wrecks) 2:11
1-8 Change Of Plan 2:35
1-9 Head Of A Raven 2:23
1-10 Chosen To Go 1:46
1-11 Tempest Fashion Baby 2:00
1-12 Cry In Alphabet Sharp 2:17
1-13 Carve My Name Upon My Back 7:15
1-14 Temperature Change (The World Is A Slag) 4:29
1-15 Ingrowing Toenail 2:48
1-16 You're Going To Receive Treatment 2:52
1-17 Disillusioned Writer On The Basement Floor Of Love 6:08
1-18 New Youth Society Generator 5:58
1-19 Yeah Yeah 2:23
1-20 Boy Of 14 0:47
1-21 The Hippie Posed Engrossment II 1:41
1-22 Hooked On A Trend II 1:19
1-23 Negative Nights II 2:10
1-24 Danger Zone II 2:13
1-25 All Dressed For Tomorrow 3:09

Your Friends Are In The News

2-26 Wild And Sparkle 4:05
2-27 Ignorant Eyes 3:24
2-28 New Youth Society Generator 3:27
2-29 Your Friends Are In The News 2:09
2-30 Hangman 4:35
2-31 All Dressed For Tomorrow 6:06
2-32 It Was Good While It Lasted 7:09
2-33 Pavement Stones 93 3:57
2-34 Carve My Name Upon Your Back 3:20
2-35 Cabinet Of Disciples 8:30
2-36 Calendar Karmi 4:35
2-37 The World Is Blue 5:03
2-38 Seven Day Psalm 1:56
2-39 It Was Good While It Lasted 7:08
2-40 I Hate Reunions 3:23
2-41 Echo In The Backstreet 4:14
2-42 Sparkle Introduction


jonder said...

Apropos of nothing (except perhaps "requests for obscure artists named Steve"), do you happen to have "Sheep From Goats" by The Noyes Brothers? And if you do, would you please share it here?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I probably do have things bt other obscure 'Steves'....but that aside, I also have the Noyes Brothers LP you requested....will post it soon.

jonder said...

Spasibo, Jonny!

DK said...

Steve latterly did some recordings with the NoMen - I think it was a postal collaboration! You can here them on the NoMen Mixcloud thing...

Charles Hodgson said...

Thanks Johnny, love this record!
Any chance you have "Christmas For The Crows" by Dan Melchior und Das Menace, old Billy Childish compatriot? (Came to mind 'cos both Steve & Dan had records on the Topplers label.)

Jonny Zchivago said...

wotcha Charles, i do have xmas for crows, it very good.
In fact this may inspire me to do a medway thread. "Obscured by Fuzz" was on Topplers i think.
i'll rip it and upload it soon.....may put link here,if i don't post it.