Monday, 14 May 2018

Jandek ‎– "I Threw You Away" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0770) 2002

Who did he throw away????
Only the bleakest music for the bleakest day of the week.Its Sterling's 32nd album,and it's 'Jandek Monday'again.Coming round like a dose of musical shingles to ruin your week.
A return to his classic howling and despondent strumming style,enhanced with some wailing harmonica squalls.After the previous three spoken word albums,this bleak masterpiece has been described as like mainlining grief submerged in a cold fog in a butchers shop of the soul. Alas, I reckon its also like the closest any non-junkie can get to experiencing the excruciating withdrawal symptoms of cold turkey.Instead of withdrawing from hard drugs, its a withdrawal from happiness.
The Jandek listening experience is as much a part of the recording as is the 'music'.One can implant ones own deepest anguishes and pain into the songs like cold lightening entering a golf club and stopping the heart of its captor.
Crawl into a pit of despondency with the mysterious Texan bard of Misery and experience the catharsis of knowing there's something out there who is more self-pitying than you are.

Sad Anorak Moment No. 27856:

The picture on the sleeve is in Cork City, Ireland. Thats St. Marys Cathedral in the background......yes Jandek went on Holidays it seems?!
And here's what it looks like now:


1 Blues Turned Black 12:14
2 It Seems Forever 7:39
3 I Threw You Away 8:10
4 Frozen Beauty 11:50
5 The World Stops 9:01


Maicon Mendes said...

definetly a highlight in jandeks discography - this sounds just perfect with the lights off and some really cheap whisky.

godm said...

thanks. good job on the photo