Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Kevin Harrison ‎– "Inscrutably Obvious" (Cherry Red ‎– BRED 16) 1981

Cherry Red seemed intent on signing up everyone in Nuneaton.So, Kevin Harrison got his chance to foist his revamped version of his "Earth2" cassette from 1980 on the public,and called it "Inscrutably Obvious".
It's a very krautrocky, minimalist electronic offering, which reminds one of fellow Coventry area electronicists "Sea Of Wires", and of proto-house cosmic guitar legend,kraut, Manuel Gottsching's mid-seventies albums,or Achim Reichel; with a large splash of Frippertronics.


A1 The Cantonese Detective Agency
A2 Some Aspect Of Music
A3 All Night Long
A4 Wooden Heartthrob Of Peking
A5 Chase The Dragon
A6 The Word
A7 Cyclotron
A8 Water
A9 Take It Away
B1 Flicker
B2 Stretch / 1
B3 Stretch / 2
B4 Horizontal / Diagonal (Live At Nags Head Nuneaton)
B5 M0903A
B6 Melodica Melodica
B7 People In Space
B8 Free-Float

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