Sunday, 27 May 2018

Swell Maps ‎– "Whatever Happens Next..." (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 21, Rather Records ‎– ROUGH 21) 1981

We've been to Nuneaton, then Coventry, so logic dictates the next destination must be Birmingham. Once compared to an empty rugby players bath.....nothing in the centre with a ring of scum around the outside.
Rather harsh,but was once very true. Britains second city was an example of urban planning gone wrong. A nightmarish vision of damp concrete built on a minuscule budget.Skirted by the crumbling M6 motorway,and home to the silliest highway interchange in europe, nick-named 'Spaghetti Junction'.
Basically it was shit.
Despite this depressing environment, Birmingham is responsible for some of the most influential names in classic rock, namely Black Sabbath,Judas Priest,Napalm Death and most of Led Zeppelin. Not to mention such greats as Slade, The Move, Moody Blues, ELO, The Nightingales,....erm....Duran Duran!??.....and Swell Maps.
Swell Maps were DIY before DIY,with cassette recordings stretching back to 1974. So after their premature demise in 1980, it was inevitable that Rough Trade would release some of them , which they prompotly did on this double album from 1981.
If, by some chance you have lived in a closet for the last 40 years, you can hear Swell Maps official releases and peel sessions by clicking this handy link HERE!

"The majority of these recordings were made on various (mono & stereo) cassette machines at home. They are all in their original forms, apart from some editing, except 'Midget Submarines (Sd. 1) on which we added some piano and extra voices."

A1, A2 rec. April 77
A3 rec. April 75
A4, A5 rec. June 77
A6 rec. Dec 78
A7 rec. Jan 79
A8 rec. live at the Titan Club, Rome in March 1980
B1 rec. July 77
B2 to B4 rec. August 77
C1 rec. Dec 75 / June 77
C2 rec. May 77
C3 rec. June 74
C4 rec. July 77 / Dec 77
D1 rec. April 74
D2 rec. at the start of sessions for 'Jane From Occupied Europe' at WMRS, Leamington Spa., June 79
D3 to D7 rec. at Swell Maps' 2nd John Peel Session, May 79


A1 Read About Seymour
A2 Fashion Cult
A3 Armadillo
A4 (I Am) The Greatest Plumming! / Radio Ten
A5 Here's The Cupboard (Thrash)
A6 Terribly Insect
A7 Midget Submarines
A8 Whatever Happens Next...
B1 Clearasil Record (Stuck)
B3 Down With Tractors
B4 Amphibious Landing Craft
C1 Paul's Dead (click here for this missing track from the file!)
C2 Sheep Dip
C3 Havoc All Ended
C4 The Himalayas
D1 You & The Night & The Music
D2 The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche
D3 Vertical Slum
D4 Forest Fire
D5 Midget Submarines (II)
D6 Armadillo (II)
D7 Bandits One Five


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Thank You!!!

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Spooky! I was just thinking about this album earlier today. A classic.


Paulo X said...

Dear Dr. Zhivago,

Track 13, "Paul's Dead," seems to be missing...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Fucking Hell!...why does this happen?....well whatever happens next i'll be uploading the missing track for separate downloading....just click on the track name and it should fit nicely into your MP3 collection......doing it now,so give me a couple of minutes.