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Eyeless In Gaza ‎– "Mythic Language" (Ambivalent Scale Recordings ‎– ASR 050) 2014

I know what you're all thinking......Who is Megan Markle wearing today?.....for those who don't know who Megan Markle is, 1/ - I envy you; and 2/- She's the idiot who's marrying Prince Harry (I give it twenty years of a slow slide into another royal divorce).
Yes I was unfortunate enough to sit down to eat my sandwich and watch a bit of TV when I was confronted by the wall-to-wall coverage of the Sycophantic Circus that is thee Royal out for some dodgy policy announcements from the government hidden behind the smoke screen of designer babble and petty celebrity cameo's.
I scrambled for my royal approved Douche-Bag to deport my sandwich into as, between wretches, the commentators brown nosed the sickening smattering of desperate celebrities mingling in amongst the 'Elite'.This just about summed up the incandescent irrelevance of this laughable Illuminati party.
I noticed some black guests strolling up towards Windsor castle past some policemen who would normally have stopped them and planted something illegal on the male ones......but, No, not today.We're told we're all equal now because Megan's got a black mummy.
It doesn't end there, because apart from James fucking Blunt,Idris Elba(some actor bloke) was spotted hob-nobbing with the hoi polloi, and future president of the useless.S.of A, Oprah Winfry is videoed at length, not because she is black, but because she's an invited guest?????; chit chatting in the chapel with Earl Spencer......she's made it into the white elite at last?!
No doubt that Gil Scott Heron would call all these brothers and sisters 'Uncle Toms',and they are......I may be sounding like the latest trendy racial term, 'White Gammon', but white people need an 'Uncle Tom' slur equivalent for the token underclass representatives that have been ordered to attend so we forget about the wealth that these royal bloodsuckers have stolen in the past.Give us our castles and gold back.Windsor castle has plenty of spare rooms for homeless people,and I guess the Windsors/Saxe-Coburgs, have been exempted from the infamous 'Spare Room Tax' that has plunged the underclass deeper into debt slavery. 
Having dissed the Royals somewhat,it's worth mentioning that Prince Harry has,luckily for him, very little 'Royal Blood', as his father was obviously James Hewitt.Genetically he is more, or, less one of 'Us', which explains why he seem relatively 'normal'.

James Hewitt              Harry Saxe-Coburg
A good day to bury some bad news behind the even worse reality of this despicable privileged pantomime.......'They're Behind You'  
I wager they're even watching this debacle in Gaza.....which reminds me what this post was originally about......Eyeless In Gaza.....

Eyeless In Gaza recorded dustbins full of stuff,and it all seems to have been of a similarly high quality. So naturally, in these days of releasing every fart a band made in or out of the recording studio, here's the obligatory studio out-takes, demo's and live album released 30 years after the fact. Its a rather splendid document of a very fine and prolific duo.The savage guitar attack on the live disc being particularly impressive.Up there for shear speed with the guitarists from The Wedding Present and the Nightingales
(Yeah I know there was a third ,and irrelevant disc of solo Martyn Bates in the '90's',but who wants to be reminded of their 90's-selves?......i don't, thank you very much! i've only uploaded the good stuff,cheap/free storage space is precious.....there's an extras disc as well,but its not too essential)


Disc #1 : Egg Box Mask (Eyeless In Gaza : Studio Recordings 1980-1983)

1-1 –All Echo
1-2 –Lines Of Flame
1-3 –You, So Open
1-4 –The Sun-Like-Gold
1-5 –Mythic Language
1-6 –Alms Houses
1-7 –Old Hours, Slow Daybreak
1-8 –Three Nights Running
1-9 –See She Sells, On The Seashore, Shells
1-10 –We Shade Our Eyes
1-11 –Quiet Lustre
1-12 –Prayerbook To The Quiet
1-13 –Second Music
1-14 –See The Dark Pools Flash
1-15 –The Raindreaming Ship
1-16 –Songs Of Coming Winter
1-17 –Autumn Mixes Its Colours
1-18 –Song Of A Man Who Has Come Through

Disc #2 : Fixation (Eyeless In Gaza : Live Recordings 1980-1982)

2-1 –In Flux
2-2 –Blue Distance
2-3 –Two Years On
2-4 –Lines Of Flame
2-5 –Sound Track
2-6 –The Skeletal Framework
2-7 –Struck Like Jacob Marley
2-8 –Darker Portraits
2-9 –Kiss Syntax
2-10 –Pale Hands I Loved So Well
2-11 –November, Silver & Dark
2-12 –Forward Steps
2-13 –Primary Colour
2-14 –Palms
2-15 –Urge (The Favourite Game)


Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

Hear, hear! Totally agree. Thanks for this Eyeless in Gaza beauty.

Philip Johnson said...

Twenty years? I'll be surprised if they last more than three.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah behind the scenes it will be three years max, like everybody else, but they'll drag it out like that vacuous slapper Diana and her prick of a husband Charles.

Henk Madrotter said...

Love the rant, couldn't agree more, didn't watch it AT ALL, couldn't care less about these obsolete barf-bags :(

On a total side note.... I just discovered this:

Holy fucking Christ on a bike!!!! Can't believe I missed this back then, from 1981, Japanese singer with D.A.F. and Einsturzende Neubauten??????

I GOTTA have this album!!!!!

Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

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