Monday, 21 May 2018

Jandek ‎– "What Else Does The Time Mean?" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0784) 2006

Jandek Monday again; with the dysfunctional Ginger loner looking troubled holding an axe,(not hipster talk for an instrument,an actual axe), on the cover doesn't fill one with confidence that our hero has decided to write some happy love songs.
And one would be right. Its another slow slide down the deck of a sinking ship into the icy black waters of a deep ocean of torment.......but with effects this time!? It seems Jandek had bought himself a cheap multi-effects pedal,favoring the digital slap back echo setting. It accentuates the feeling of isolation and loneliness very nicely indeed.
What else would time have been invented for if not to waste it wallowing in a trench of self-pitying despair.When your hour of Jandekian doom has finished you will realise that life ain't all that bad after all, despite the horror of mortality.Think about that shit tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD or what else have you got to do with your time HERE!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jonny

rev.b said...

I actually have this one, found it at a thrift store for .50c. I paid, but still felt I was shoplifting a treasure. Got it home, put it in, it was Jandek. Can't imagine what the original owner must've thought. I imagine 'genius' wasn't involved.