Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kevin Harrison ‎– "Spectro Verdu Est Mort?" (Glass Records ‎– GLASSMC 015) 1981

Every East Midlands town has a local musical hero called 'Kevin' haven't they? Leicester has Kevin Hewick at least anyway......Kevin Coyne for Derby,maybe Kevin Rowland for Birmingham, but that's West Mids innit; and Rowland was a Londoner allegedly.....well, he sounded like one when he was one of those Punk Rocker chaps in The Killjoys?
Nuneaton's 'Kevin', was, of course, Kevin Harrison.
No spring chicken in '81, our Kevin had been around since the early seventies, playing in various beat combos and what not.Our Kev was,prior to his solo outings,also in a quite awful local 'punk' band called The Urge,who were very crap.So he'd done his time and graduated. Strewth!?  He was even chums with This Heat,somehow?
This is a cassette he made for a nascent Glass Records,which showcases his eclectic musical taste,from minimal composition,Krautrock, Fripp and Eno to post-punk.
Mostly recorded in his home studio,its a UK DIY classic.Especially fine are the tracks that end side two, namely the tape-echo workout called 'Walkabout' and 'Making Friends in Radioland';where a recording of Kevin offering his opinions on some new record releases on a local radio show is the basis of an amusing musique concrete experiment.The chirpy local radio, 'Smashy and Nicey' type presenters voice sits in stark contrast to Kevins moody responses. When asked for scores out of ten for some unheard pop tunes,we get :"Well thats ten from Yvonne and Glenda.....and you Kevin?"
"......er....Nothing",says the not so young mr Harrison.


1 Tensions Between Emotions
2 Enmeshed
3 Indirect Contrast
4 The True Bounce (Of Invested Energy)
5 Escaping From The Zoo
6 Modern Industry With Its Back Against The Wall
7 Time Shift
8 A Moment Of Joy
9 Pablo 

10 The Humming Of The Hive
11 Returns Happy
12 Alpha/Zeta
13 Voices 1

14 Voices 2
15 Waalwijk
16 Shutdown
17 Verdant Arcadia
18 Bent Logic
19 Commercial Radio Riding On Phil Spector's Back
20 Screened Surface
21 The Changing Face Of Today's Music
22 News At One
23 The Middle East Construct
24 Fast Forward
25 Thoughts Of Ripples Suddenly Disturbed
26 The Popeye Melodies Are Gone
27 Hammer Nails Into A Wall/Something Curious
28 "It's A Good World, Isn't It?"
29 Walkabout
30 Making Friends In Radioland/
 Derv's Radar Favourites From Space

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