Saturday, 12 May 2018

Bron Area ‎– "The Trees And The Villages" (Glass Records – GLALP 005) 1983

Bron Area try their level best to make some palatable post punk pop that nobody liked.
There's something sad about 'Unpopular Pop',like a neglected toy stuffed in the corner of a dusty cupboard. Bron area obviously wanted to be liked, and have clearly tried hard to make some 'proper' tunes with melodies, and musicianly craft. The trouble is its actually hard to write a catchy melody.Experimentation is easy, but to actually write a song that sticks in 'yer brane' and keeps you humming it long after the record finishes takes.....well......talent?
Bron should have stuck to experimental pop, which is another word for 'unpopular pop',which they did,accidentally......However, the tunes on here display a certain charming quality, of youth learning to be grown up and then finding out that sophisticated adulthood is very, very, crap.We then spend the remainder of our lives trying to reattain the perfection we had before it got corrupted.Once invented it can't be uninvented, and impossible to unlearn. Unless someone creates the Khymer Rouge of pop.....led by a Pol Pot of Pop.
Any volunteers?
I'd love to, know what?.....I can't be fucking arsed!


A1 Les Arbes 3:29
A2 Love Stories 6:30
A3 As Midday Screams 1:58
A4 This Year 1:02
A5 Dancing 4:04
A6 Sometimes In Water ... 2:41
B1 Caught Then Drowned Affection 2:00
B2 Elegy To Innocence 7:45
B3 Secret Places 4:09
B4 In Victory 4:04
B5 Separate Rooms 2:31

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W. said...

I love this era of DIY music and hope to see more compilations here from the likes of Glass Records, Adventures In Reality Recordings, Alternative Sounds Tapes, and Northampton Musicians Collective.

Thanks for the Bron Area - and everything you do.