Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Swell Maps - "Outtakes, Rehearsals, and Lots of Live Stuff" (1977-1980)

Now that we've scraped a large hole in the bottom of the barrel of the Swell Maps home recordings ré's more?
Here we've got another version of 'Harmony In Your Bathroom',some early rehearsal tapes, some farting about in WRMS studios during the Marineville sessions,a complete live set from a gig in Aylesbury and the obligatory bedroom recording.

Track Listing:

1. 14th Floor (2:43)
2. Forest Fire (2:59)
3. Harmony In Your Bathroom (Alt Take) (3:47)
4. Live In Aylesbury Sept 1979 (40:16)
5. Marineville Outtakes 1 (5:14)
6. Marineville Outtakes 2 (6:32)
7. Marineville Outtakes 3 (3:55)
8. Marineville Outtakes 4 (8:58)
9. Rehearsal  July 1977  (14:55)

DOWNLOAD before the barrel is emptied HERE!

Also for the sake of complete and utter overkill, here's a couple of Swell Maps gigs from back in the day.....what more do you want?

Live in Italy June 1980

Live Aklam Hall,London 20/10/1978


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