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Digital Dinosaurs ‎– "Extinction: 1979-82" (Hyped 2 Death ‎– Messthetics #207) 2003

Up the road a bit from Nuneaton, at the scene of Hitlers greatest atrocity of bombing Coventry flat and unleashing a wave of evil British Modernist architects on the survivors; we find UK DIY's version of the Kinks. Among the concrete flyovers,tower blocks and empty office spaces, somehow a group of young hippies spent their empty evenings writing dozens of underground pop songs and releasing them on cassettes. After-all, Coventry was famously the subject of The Specials number one hit "Ghostown", so patently there wasn't much else to do. The architects had conveniently forgot about people when they made their technical drawings.
Music from Coventry seemed to be a form of escape rather than reflecting their unfortunate urban situation,unlike in Manchester. They had to make their own entertainment and alternative reality, so we got the Two Tone thing (yuk), and The Digital Dinosaurs (Hooray). Even their football team were reflective of a a pointless struggle, constantly finishing a season one point away from relegation for thirty years in a row!......thankfully they were finally relegated,and are to this day languishing in the lower leagues.
The Digital Dinosaurs were always in the lower leagues of musical sucess, but are now slowly gaining recognition as fine exponents of the lost art of British Melodic Pop .
This collection cherry picks tracks from their early cassettes, and there's a couple of previously unreleased ones for good measure.(get more Dinosaurs HERE)


1 Red Fire Engine 1:33
2 Fingers & Thumbs II 4:07
3 Dinosaurs And Giants (Too Many Tigers) 2:37
4 The Oldest Girl 3:08
5 The Sideways Man 2:23
6 Dessert Island Risks 4:50
7 Eyes Front 3:31
8 Have You Seen The Saucers? 3:21
9 Lost In Stars 2:50
10 Mars Telephone 3:12
11 Who'd Be A Turkey 3:31
12 Mesmerelda 2:35
13 Screaming Old Woman (On A Bicycle) 4:11

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Thanks for all of the Hyped2Death comps that you have been sharing: this, Astral Glamour, Midnight Circus, Steve Treatment... greatly appreciated.