Sunday, 20 May 2018

Peter Becker ‎– " Ambivalent Scale / Tape Recordings 1979 - 1981" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD115.3) 2013

Peter Becker, one half of Eyeless In Gaza, released a couple of minimal synth pop cassettes around 1980 on his Ambivalent Scale recordings label. Kindly gathered together for this compilation on our mate and yours' label,Vinyl on Demand......the on demand bit meaning...'Are you Loaded?'.....loaded being Cash, not off yer tits on drugs.
Its classically wobbly,sequencer-free, analogue synth-pop from the peak of the UK DIY era.
He would go on to 'greater' things with Eyeless In Gaza,but this is that duo's understated equal


A1 Drum Avant 7 2:00
A2 Music For Playgrounds 2:10
A3 Faces In The Dark 1:28
A4 Eyes Blink (Disco Mix) 2:33
A5 Music For The Italian Tourist Board 1:57
A6 Forch Funk 3:18
A7 Veil (PB Version) 1:58
A8 Eyes Blink (Version) 2:16
A9 Spider Noise / Ant Noise 2:28
A10 By Train To The Coast 1:28
A11 Arabesque 1:03
B1 Ukrainian Stained Glass 1:23
B2 Voyage Across 2:20
B3 We Can’t Break The Spell 2:19
B4 Aborigine Spirit Dance 2:29
B5 Loneliness Disco 2:28
B6 Ukrainian Church 1:00
B7 Winter Glide 3:21
B8 Transatlantic Flight 4:17
B9 Distance 2:33


Anonymous said...

Vinyl on Demand has shut down now. I wanted loads but couldn't afford a single one of their box sets

Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

Interesting. I'm not loaded, just lover of this kind of music (and other). What's your deal with vod? The Tone Set commercial? Not that I care. Love your rants.

Jonny Zchivago said...

No deal with VOD, the guy takes time to slag me off whenever he can so fuck him. Tone Set/Galen Herod are cyber chums so they get a 'commercial'.
Didn't know vod had ceased to be.....probably us bloggers fault,or just market forces. said...

Many thanks for this.

Anonymous said...