Sunday, 13 November 2016

Wreckless Eric - "Wreckless Eric" (Stiff Records - SEEZ 6) 1978

I always wanted a Brown 10 incher in my hand, and the chance came in 1978 when my school mate said he was sick of 'Punk' and wanted to sell all his 'Punk' records. I managed to cobble together a fiver, and bought XTC's "White Music", The Heartbreakers "L.A.M.F" and this magnificent debut mini-album by the great Wreckless Eric.
My school chum is now dead! Threw himself under an arriving train at Leicester station in the nineties.....not because he regretted selling me this record though I may add.
A muddy rainbow of Pub Rock legends adorn this magnificent 10 inches of fecal brown vinyl,including Davey Payne and Larry Wallis, to cast their magic over some fine and witty songwriting by everyone's favourite new wave drunk.


Reconnez Cherie
Rags + Tatters
Grown Ups
Rough Kids
Personal Hygiene
Brain Thieves
There Isn't Anything Else

(I have included the extra tracks from the 12" version"Telephoning Home","Be Stiff",plus "The Whole Wide World" , "Semaphore Signals" of thee most covered songs from the Stiff repertoire.....didn't Cliff Richard cover this?)

DOWNLOAD in colourless ,odourless digital  form HERE!


Rev.LouCifer said...

Just what the doctore ordered,

Petty Vendetta said...

The story's the best. Sorry 'bout your mate. Can't make this stuff up, can you?

Jonny Zchivago said...

"Can't make this stuff up can you?".....I think that applies to 'Life' as a whole?...a version of which would look good on a tombstone?

LWAA said...

I had this on 10" brown vinyl too. Long gone though. Thanks for this.