Monday, 7 November 2016

Kursaal Flyers ‎– "Chocs Away!" (UK Records ‎– 2330 101) 1975

Not a Fan of The Kursaal Flyers, but they have to be included in this Pub Rock direction we've taken of late. Probably one of the big five of the Pub Rock era; they even had a hit with "Little Does She Know" in 1976.
This Southend-on-Sea based combo, played a kind of tongue-in-cheek clever clever eclectic pop, rather like a country and western 10CC.
This can be a rather irritatingly bland listening experience; but at least they weren't ELP!?....again they split in 1977 for obvious reasons.


Pocket Money
Hit Records
Kung Fu
Chocs Away
Now I'm Back
Yellow Sox
Silver Wings
Cross Country


abramson said...

OK c&w at the time souded too much like what your parents might of got off to if they ever went to a pub gig..... but don't forget what Will Birch went on to, the Records and of course becoming very much the keeper of the pub rock fire.

James Trash said...

Don't think I could listen to a Kursaals LP all the way through but I'd happily put up with their 'punk' parting-shot "Television Generation" on repeat!